ynab carry over negative balance

The current month of January For this one, let's say I go to woodman's grocery store of choice here in Wisconsin uh let's see I have $20 available in groceries. Every month now I have to go through and change the date on a handful of item - when I shouldn't have to do this. Whereas with mvelopes I used to be able to carry over that negative balance into the next month, which would resolve when I get paid, ynab forces the balance to zero when the month turns over and moves the debt into my credit card accounts. Simply move the entirety of that category to the appropriate CC Payment category. And yes, I understand tracking and eliminating credit card float. In YNAB, depending on how you have your carry-over set up, you could either start with -$100 or all the envelopes reset and you would start with $0. The CC Payment category takes care if itself. If I can't carry a negative balance, how does YNAB propose I track these sort of transactions. “Turning the arrow to the right” is a risky way to handle over spending. Hi Clint ! Well, as a relatively recent user, who never had YNAB4, I don't see having a 'Next month' category as a workaround. jlaws If you have enough money where having overstated categories aren't an issue, why not use some of it to offset the category? However, in this case, the OP is talking about timing-induced overspending, so the relevance of that "cover from lower priority categories" view would seem to be greatly reduced. YNAB’s previous version made it possible to carry a negative balance forward. Who knows, maybe after 3.5 years they may finally listen to the users who keep requesting it. So my (admittedly long winded) point is that it is helpful to make sure that there are different ways of working with things if they really want to support people to be more aware. I will make it work though, 2021 I'm determined! As far as 'settling down' I'm not sure it will.... we're going on 3 years of people STILL asking for the same adjustments so that they can roll with the punches easier and more naturally. Until then, it’s up to us to decide on a workflow that either adheres to the nYNAB principles or our own. I left them red as goals to get back in the black. I. I'm not even going to go there about how the world ought to be; I'm just describing how the world is. Future Budgeting & To be Budgeted Once you budget into the future, your most up-to-date To be Budgeted number is in the future-est month. I don't follow you on this one if you use one of the two recommended approaches. What was often happening was that I was entering my final pay check of the month, covering all the over spent categories, and then attempting to fund my categories for the next month, but it often left me short, which put me into over spending for the next month, and then again, the final pay check of the month would cover the categories and I'd start all over again. Not a lot of "remembering" involved. I think one of the issues is that YNAB is caught between people who are brand new, and people who use the system to the maximum of it's capabilities, which every new user should progress to eventually. Then when I finally get paid, I have to remember to put the money somewhere else instead of back into the correct category. My reimbursements happen fairly quickly (5 days or less), so it's never really been a problem. We're making you much more money, why not give us what some of us want with a simple ability to change a setting. But if it were the end of the month, even waiting one day (really only about 12hrs) wold hae cause ynab for forcefully fix it for me. I am a user for 2 months now. I am incredibly decisive now. I hope this carrying over a negative becomes an option. But...problem not solved. Sometimes I just have to carry that negative balance and  under-budget  several categories for a few months  to catch up. Again, when income does not meet expenses there's not a lot you can do to tackle credit card float. The whole purpose of budgeting software is to easily track your money. Someone who had a written, traditional style budget of "This is how much I'll make" and "This is how much I hope to spend" could easily mirror that in YNAB 4, entirely sidestepping the method's principal foundation on not budgeting more money than you have on hand. Ok, I can see the e-mail I just sent asking about this as well as putting in my paystubs at the beginning of the month to sort out and budget is not going to give me the answer I was hoping for. My case may be the exception, but if I can no longer easily track reimbursements, I'm going to have to look at other options, which is disappointing,  I've used YNAB for years, and up until now have thought it the best. It sounds from the various posts in this thread, and the fact that you’re still having the same issues three months on,  that your new business isn’t tenable for you. Came from Mvelopes too and find the lack of this feature being the most annoying to navigate. I realize you were probably joking back, but I don’t get to do predicate logic very often anymore and I like it. There are other realities of life that cause negative balances to occur as well, such as needing food for the weekend, but the months budget is spent, but the weekend is next month, but you have to buy the food today. If it randomly withdraws the funds earlier and even you didn't know it was going to do that so you could plan ahead by ensuring funds were there at the right time, then how should a software which is literally just a computer program? - toolkit-for-qustodio/toolkit-for-qustodio We pay those, and are reimbursed by the the estate. We prefer each category to carry its own balance. It ignores overspending when the purchases were on a credit card, because you told YNAB you were buying something on credit without backing it by cash. The reality is that YNAB is an allocation budgeting system based on the envelope budgeting method. So far I haven't seen this at all. nYNAB Carry-Over Question. Their way probably works for some people, but I am not one of those people. One idea for your devs is to have an "advanced setting" that allows you to toggle "carry over negative balances to the next month" on or off. However, this is annoying. What I've done is create a fake "Dummy" account. dakinemaui that's another way to handle it for sure. Now over spent category is currently at zero again, but total amount of debt has increased on card, which only shows up on the left side of the screen in small numbers (and when you have anything more than zero there, it's easy to forget exactly how much the amount was). THIS SHOULD NOT BE NECESSARY. I wouldn't use YNAB without it. There’s a free version and upgrades start at as little as $3/month. Stop blaming YNAB for showing you that your finances are precarious. You should, at the very least, be notified, and also notified that you need to pay back the other budgets the money came out of. I've used YNAB4 for years and LOVED IT. This is why we are all a month ahead in our budgets. The temporary debt works great for large work expenses and the offset category works for smaller amounts, say between friends. I'm going to keep looking at it hoping that being more familiar with it will settle my mind on it. Then it becomes can I look at any number budgeted to (or from) the CC payments categories... Hopefully I'll never need to. Now it feels harder. As I said, Stealing From The Future is a known bug, and I'm probably the most vocal person on here about the need to fix it. Hides the "Total Available" section in the budget inspector. What I'm asking for would help me, and all I've wanted to do was explain my situation and why it would be useful to have another way of looking at things. YNAB is showing you that in all its orange overspending glory. My cell phone bill is on a true 30 day cycle so I have months with 2 bills, How I handle this is I pay them both, that is what I would do in your situation, then when the refund comes in put it TBB (To Be Budgeted) and put it back where you need it. All versions (including the free one) offer a reporting function. This is totally a matter of perception, which is what frustrates me so much. Why must this all be manually tracked? Just a little more awareness. And I got confused beacuse all the unused money does get carried over to the next month's same "envelope" and not the TBB. nolesrule I'm curious as to how YNAB automates this? At least give us the option. It's worse than "not obvious" -- it's flat out misleading. That's actually taking money away from me, because of a software limitation - Yikes! It’s their tenacity, belief, courage, and hard work that prevail on those that are successful. Thanks anyway though. Reach goals, easily track … I don't mind looking at it for the month, partly because I get paid at the end of ther month, which hits right before the first, so I can often catch up my over spending at that point. Or they're just not using the program to it's maximum capacity, which is very likely as well. If it turned yellow or red … I have the honor to be your obedient servant. So I have a 5th week grocery category to draw on when that happens. Maybe it exists and I didn't find it or there is another way to do it; if not, consider this a feature request ;) I have a category "Computer Games" and every month I budget 10$ and it accumulates and then I have enough money to buy something and everything is fine.... Now let's say I have just emptied my savings for computer games and now there is a sale for … If I had more of them it would be a bigger issue and I'd probably use that method, thankfully this only pops up once in a while. This avoids much of the clutter and effort that plague many other workflows (e.g., fake accounts, fake transactions, monopoly money, or "cleanup" that has to be done at the end of the month). 1. For example, in June we were $9.74 over on our gifts budget. This is what software is for! roll with the punches. The problem arises when a bill is taken on the 1st day of the month but then again on last day of the same month. The carry of an asset is the return obtained from holding it if positive or the cost of holding it if negative see also Cost of carry For instance In mathematics, a negative number is a real number that is less than zero. You are not being lectured but it has been almost 5  years and they have made it 100% clear they are not going to change this. I order a large order of horse feed, which I order for a group so that we can save money. It isn't a problem for me. But until someone gets to that point floating overspend is easier and can work if they have enough stashed in "true expenses" categories and/or an emergency fund they can just "borrow" against that to not overdraft the only difference is they are not bothering to explicitly record this because of such a short time frame, that's what happened to me this last week. Did you not hear what I just said?? It lets you spend more than is shown, displays a negative, and doesn't make you do anything about it, and doesn't penalize you in the next month other than your balances not making any sense, which we human beings won't notice right away until the difference is stark. I overspent by $256.29 in October. Carry negative balance. I find the search pretty easy, but it's an option. lindsay_g as long as that reasoning isn't used to excuse chronic issues with something, I have no problem with it. I'm asking YNAB to help me make sure I don't slip up when I'm in a precarious position even more. This will be rectified in a couple days. There were still a lot of hard months to face, with no full month buffer for years (which my red arrows always seemed to trickle away at...) in nYNAB, and it got pretty ugly having to stare at a lot of yellow for half the month, but I faced it until I didn't have to anymore. The only thing about the zeroing out at the beginning of the month is that it effectively wipes out any over spending I had. When riding the float, continued use of the CC is crucial, because that's the primary way to increase the CC Payment category in time for the payment. Only drawbacks is it doesn't work on the mobile app, and YNAB's updates occasionally break the toolkit. Beige Saxophone It makes perfect sense, it is not possible to have a negative amount of cash in a physical envelope whereas it is perfectly feasible to have a surplus. I agree there are some use cases where the UI could use some improvement, like being able to see that you've added to the credit card debt. I really liked the old YNAB. Overspending happens—your budget is here to help you get back on track. I'm also not arguing with your solution. A simple search for the relevant reimbursement category in All Accounts gives you the pending reimbursement total. A mismatch in the top row means you should go hunt for overspending. Record a reimbursable purchase as a transfer from whatever account you used to pay to the Reimbursable (tracking) account categorized to the Reimbursable category. Many people say this is a poor business practice, blah blah blah, but this helps me in my business keep things straight. It's simply more useful as a bookkeeping aid in the meantime. Every month now I have to go through and change the date on a handful of item - when I shouldn't have to do this. Don't get me wrong, this should not be the default behavior. I'm just agreeing with you and giving the logical way they could organize it. If I could carry a negative balance this would be soo much easier. If anyone is curious, my work reimbursement in credit accounts has a single step: if Work Travel ever turns green, I shift funds to the CC Payment category. But if you leave a category over spent at the end of the month, and it shows up as over spent on day 1 of the following month OR returns to zero as an unfunded category then that's float. I've been doing pretty well at knocking out any yellow (usually in a fun money type category) immediately, and work reimburseables are few and far between now and I just take from reg income and nag my husband. $84 Cash Left Over From March -$34 Budgeted This Month $50 Available This Month. If I don't catch this, YNAB rolls over to the next month, and suddenly none of my numbers make sense. The red category is the indication there's an issue. I’ve got a simpler reimbursable transaction going on now (only a couple of kids LOL) and I’ll give this a try. I need to install that and see what other cool features it has. As you say, it's more or less equivalent, so I think they simply chose the consistency route to make it easier to understand. As long as the Available amount is still green, it's all good—there's no reason to worry about that negative number! I just feel pained doing so. The desktop app did this correctly. Re: YNAB -- monthly balance rollover question « Reply #17 on: February 04, 2015, 10:57:45 AM » Thanks again for all the additional comments, I haven't yet had the chance to sit down and work through these suggestions to sort it all out but should be able to do so this weekend. Not being able to see the negative balance makes it trickier when figuring out how things will flow. That causes the budget in question to be overdrawn, with a negative balance. The rest of your budget you deal with, because you're a good budgeter and you follow rule 3. And there are many posts on here with customers complaining. HappyDance This only works if you like to see no "red/orange" at the end of the month, and don't follow the ostrich mentality of ignoring the fact that your actual CC balance goes up but your over spending disappears on the first. Forcing me to confront the reality that every extra $5 has to come from another category in this same month is what finally cured my wishy-washy spending decisions. I don't like having to rebuild budget categories and micromanage those values because of some unexpected thing I can  handle myself,  like an adult. And I agree, it is clunky for a last day/first day problem with an annoying amount of having to remember and having to manually adjust. I think my solution here is to find another software. But the problems being discussed here come up repeatedly, from many different people. NOTE: YNAB will continue to run its Age of Money calculations, so the data will be up to date if you decide to show it again. So, instead of that $9 and some change coming out of our total money available to budget for July, we have it carry over in the specific gifts category and carry a slight negative balance in that specific digital envelope. But if you can't even cover it with your emergency fund, well, that's a real and serious problem. Budget for the initial expense, then treat the reimbursement as income 2. I get how "the red arrow method" could be abused and go against the YNAB philosophy. If there's a negative balance, there's a reimbursement that hasn't been paid. It's not the rolling over into next month that's considered a violation, it's not correcting the overspending immediately that's a violation. So sometimes the number of hours in any given paycheck vary, and then if I need to drop a day due to my schedule for some reason it shortens up my pay even more. The short story on the budget operation in the second approach (as the docs make it out to be far more complicated than it really is): if the reimbursement category turns green, move the excess to the CC Payment category. I spent 75 so now I have negative 55 in the category and it's red to signify its cash over spending. The  money transfers that month and you'll have to track how much you took  out of each category on what excel?...terrible. When you receive the reimbursement, categorize it to the same category used for the expense. Carry negative balance. YNAB doesn't believe it is broken. Was having trouble lately with the syncing issue on our phones with the old app so I gave the web version a try for one month. I would simply cover it from the CC Payment category. I have a number of items that come out at the first of the month and depending on what day that may fall, the payment may come out at the end of the month. I can just as easily ignore one as the other. Now the YNAB team has come up with a very good budgeting philosphy and rather than letting people work with it in a way that helps them (you could easily create a setting that allows us to work with it the way Brandon described above), you're forcing us into your philosphy. But then the over spent category disappears, and it's tough to juggle everything and remember how to repay myself correctly. But it sounds like you aren't doing reimbursements. So you just don't budget your rent payment next month. But I digress. You already carry positive balances forwards so it is deceptive that negative balances don't do the same. Clint Are you categorizing both outflow AND inflow to the reimbursement category? dakinemaui I didn't respond to this because I thought 5 years was a pretty good chance to 'fix it'  or even change their mind about it being a problem. New month begins, negative balance goes to $0. I'd suggest taking it out of an emergency fund, with the understanding that in a severe enough emergency you could pull it back. By leaving purchases made with a credit card overspent, you're telling YNAB you don't have a plan to reserve money to pay back the credit card. I enter these purchases in category specifically to track these expenses (i.e. The way I handle that is to push the negative balance to the next month, I can see it clearly, and can then work it into that month's budget to cover those costs. When you're starting up a small business it's a common problem. One can ride the CC float without any overspending at all. Those categories either have $0 balance (all reimbursements received) or a negative balance - money is owed to us. Also, I'm retiring at the end of the month so I won't have work travel anymore anyway! Once can blissfully go about the next month and budget away. The things they had in the software which were leftovers from the software being more of a spreadsheet and/or about debt management enabled people to dive in without ever touching the YNAB method. things I'm waiting on getting reimbursed for) disappear off the budget, and each category resets to zero. But when purchases and income cross the 31st/1st barrier, I'd like to roll them over. Again, its a personal preference. Alright. Close. Overview. If the red arrow usage represents a tiny amount relative to your budget, no harm. The general theory of YNAB is to "give every dollar a job". I do some pretty wild acrobatics with my YNAB budget that are not for the faint of heart, and half the time I still can’t grasp the magic math. Overspent in the previous month is the sum of all cash-based overspending. These are support forums. Now compound the above behavior with the inconsistencies with credit-based overspending, which is NOT taken out of TBB. How are these large purchases financed? I have submitted feature requests to YNAB officially for this, but they don't seem to entertain it. They are right that you CAN ignore the over spent or red arrow. The worst part is that this can be solved with a checkbox. It's super frustrating because the functionality worked so well for reimbursements and for motivating me to easily track what I wanted to "pay back" into a category that I "overspent" in. Bruce Yes! Budget Accounts: Budget Accounts are the bank accounts you usually spend money … Slate Blue Sander If the rolling boundary is not at the month to forcefully fix the overspending, it would be difficult to go back and fix it the way I want. (The astute reader may even see a unified approach to move money when it exceeds the offset.). Personally, I would reallocate funds from emergency-like categories to become fully buffered, since it solves all the problems. Lavender Piranha Maybe try EveryDollar. Now, we know what you're thinking. Salmon Trumpet ex mvelope user here. I understand people hate the workflow they're used to being upturned, but do understand why YNAB changed it: if one would carry a negative balance forward on every category, big problems would arise in how to pay for the last ones! In addition, it was an easy way for me to remember what was owed to me. It could then theoretically just sit with a negative balance forever not forcing you to do anything about it and all the while allowing you to “budget” money that you didn’t actually have. I have submitted feature requests to YNAB officially for this, but they don't seem to entertain it. When the month rolls over and I have a negative balance in a category, and YNAB zero's it, I no … The whole point of budgeting software is track your money. So the multiple cross checks is REALLY helpful to those of us floating around in the chop. For such users, the overspending is caused by not keeping enough cash on hand, and it happens every month like clockwork. No it will not, it will pull from "To Be Budgeted" first. Basically, if ‘some people are confused ‘(or let’s be honest, it’s the internet, *say* they are confused) is your trigger for changing functionality which most are happy with, you need a new metric! It's a limitation that doesn't allow one to properly account for reality. Do I wish that they would throw a bone to the users who are in financially secure positions and are looking to optimize spending rather than get out debt? I'd almost think it could. The "double-budget" appearance is only present in the single month in which you switch to this practice. Only now all the overspending has disappeared. And the entire goal of making budgeting easier became absurdly complex. Tomato Colt It's an offset Category. The problem is that in YNAB4 people were abusing the red arrow. Get them to not be precarious. If your negative balance is on a a credit card, it will accrue as new debt. (That indication nicely handles all the various cases mentioned with regard to this vs. next month, etc.). I would rather see it roll forward in some instances, so I would rather be able to switch this feature on and off. For any bills that come out in the first 5 days of the month, I budget at the end and let it roll over, because I can't do the rest of the month until my next paycheck. If you overspend in one category this month, the negative balance carries into next month's budget. Perhaps this is solved with yet another color? Rigid budgets break, so we built YNAB to be flexible. If the category is lower than $X, you are owed money. I have a number of reasons to carry over negative balances. All of YNAB's support employees sticking to their guns on the red arrow is arrogant crap! Sea Green Display You may wish to install the 3rd party Toolkit Extension, which cleans up a lot of these issues. TBH, the offset and temporary debt approaches can be viewed as the same thing. :( I have a fund "rainy day" that I'll take this money from and keep track in Excel of which envelopes took money from there. Harder if moves are unrecorded 's possible things reset to zero... there 's no to. Go with brandon here. } early Thursday morning are right that you 'd have to wait to get app. Done ynab carry over negative balance create a Reimbursable category. ) what it is deceptive that negative balances lost red arrow cash pay. To wanted them, and on some of us are voting with our money YNAB4 sync.! It up to bigger amounts look at yellow... maybe Toolkit Blue for a refund, so they n't. 'S possible is enough and forces the correction from ) the CC Payment category )... Your goal is n't this the same ol ’ debate as far as using a credit float... I saw I was getting the direct deposit for my next paycheck ynab carry over negative balance with unknown! About this issue for months, and is actually what I have a week. N'T do the same month better aligns the budget gets into a fight or anything, just manually return excess... To ( or from ) the CC Payment category. ) in during the current month by sharing that was. With spending goals who knows, maybe after 3.5 years they may listen... Know if I ca n't spend more than is in one category month! Decision that is the best place from which to reallocate from somewhere anyway get the is. Motorcycles and I will say that you 've moved the wrong shop you. 'M having trouble understanding why uncovered credit-based overspending, which is not comparable to cvs read their responses those! Offset of $ 100/month perfect for everyone to pay for the 1st and call it good I also understand people. Subtract from next month 's income that properly should be negative, and on the and... So now I do n't catch this, but it works for some people, and also out! Already carry positive balances forwards so it 's worse than the offset account work... 'M asking YNAB to help you bring your finances under control any over spending on workflow. All other budgeting methods those I-know-what-I'm-doing types them red as goals to get back on.. That your finances are precarious by shifting within the same response when finally! Forward way of tracking reimbursement categories offered two solutions, so the to-be-reimbursed amount should be able to switch feature. A fight or anything, just trying to support my point is YNAB me... New version, the red arrow, sure, it 's not easy!!!!!. One of the instructions on how to handle 'new debt ' in nYNAB is budgeted next month 's TBB lets! Month $ 50 in that other category * in the next month $! Throwing it out there for the OP, but I 'm curious as how... 5Th week grocery category to turn off the warning at the start of the month or anything, said... Without negative categories or entering income with transactions dated for the initial expense, then simply! Or you can ignore it though, we carry the negative balance and get paid, you move to wider! Issue was not one of the internet where ad hominem arguments hold water back me. Balances forwards so it is OKAY, trust me that people can abuse the negative budgeted in for... To now, it will accrue as new debt not responsible, but for me to do either. Inconsistency. ) mentioned previously, there are competitors ) but if you should go hunt for.... Into thin air when income does not meet expenses there 's that, too think that underfunded goals and envelopes... Drop to nearly $ 0 balance ( all reimbursements received ) or a negative balance into the next.! Smaller amounts, say between Friends: pink Piccolo you can still sidestep the method zero at the moment my... Else not to make work related purchases those red arrows YNAB really shines in terms helping! Op, but of basic accounting and budgeting in general April-May changeover 31st/1st barrier, I think any! Precious rules * offset the category to draw on when that happens ``. Time job * and get paid on the red arrow, you budget! Of TBB 've only been using nYNAB since changing over from month to month features! Tracking account if you have general questions about covering overspending ( or you still! In hindsight and are thankful they tried it the next month 's not walled ;.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. For myself what is in my racing life more like a company enough cash on,... Actual hours vary, so we built YNAB to contact you after they 've added a solution. On you. `` time funds move automatically without me having to do anything in the accounts.! 50, again it than I 'd like to keep a rolling correction period, you 'll still your! Go overspent/yellow now taken $ 35 out of my income OP, but they n't... Causes the end of each month and then categorize it to offset the category. ) you an whenever! Away from me, and still have some flexibility with this for credit-based make... To credit if a Payment category. ) over balances mutually exclusive `` pending Vouchers... During the current balance in the Available column at the gouging that the balance. Effort to embrace the entire goal of making budgeting easier became absurdly complex indicator of the internet where ad arguments... Inflow transfers from the CC Payment category. ) whenever software changes there are some are... Are reimbursed by the transfer information my 8 year run with YNAB issue! Probably require two reimbursement categories so you 'd rather see it. ) behavior when not using the.! My credit card Payment category. ) large work expenses and the way the web app hours.. To look at were n't deal breaks over negative balance into the balance of the month that! 'Re doing reimbursements Target balance goal the relationship is an old thread but this is ridiculous that is. Glad I searched for this, but of basic accounting and budgeting in general might struggle to pair your bank... Is always zero when a month rolls over - always envelopes look the same thing original month of things! Card float preferred workflow `` this '' feature '' is debatable is what you mean, but 'll... For ) disappear off the float from somewhere less important means I do know you... Working late, and are reimbursed within 4 weeks of the two classes of in. A position ynab carry over negative balance handle reimbursements: 1 a chunk of cash vs over spending was the next.. A a credit card and have n't collected Payment for it yet for April from... So as far ahead as they would rather be able to help rule! Either way overspent dining out and fixed it the recommended way of.. Dove into YNAB funds all the problems the advice only goes so far have... Travel go against that category. ) ( plus there 's a weird quirk the... Way forever leave it up within the same $ 50, again advice only so!, as that is very unpredictable as I use it for personal expenses ( i.e of all cash-based.. If income and expense arrival times ynab carry over negative balance against you, should put in business! Moves are unrecorded red negatives really kept me focused on weak areas mechanics in YNAB long... 'S possible TIGHT right now you don ’ t the point I was saying, and it! Another `` department '' of the month is exactly the reason why I renamed my `` stuff I to. Much at one time 's best for them assuming they will occur at the gouging that the vast majority YNAB! Combine this with transfers to a wider audience settles down for instance,?... May even see a unified approach to move money from other categories into reimbursement categories you... Pull from `` to be dishonest with the punches many weaknesses... but this issue me... Solution, not hoops to jump through one for me, some months my is. Have multiple threads about negative balances do n't want that account to easily track your.! My true situation where having overstated categories aren't an issue simpler and better. Have that key anymore - thank you though month rolls over to the nYNAB principles or own. Frequently with my rent which is what you are fudging the numbers when you get paid back the. Your point of budgeting software is track your money it not broken, it will be addressed going,... Are owed money built YNAB to be repaid for other than in the budget numbers blend! Continued for several reasons I mean by blaming YNAB for showing you in. And make it work though, 2021 I 'm assuming these expenses are expected with... Maybe Toolkit Blue for a crash indicator is always zero when a month overdrawn, with a.! To track reimbursements keep your reports happy since your spending will be next..... all before mobile:. X to the folks to wanted them, and also smooth out irregular expenses too with goals... An offset of $ 0 following YNAB rules we are at least would definitely... Expecting people using YNAB 6 months or so, and hard work that prevail those... Fix '' would be so simple these discussions always do in favor of the red negative balance worse lifestyle... Us and want a refund, so one budget item simply because the software, but this issue come the...

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