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lifting capacity. It’s made of sheet metal and formed with an open cleft that faces out toward the front of the desk. Greg’s sister Camille also worked in marketing at RightAngle until 2017. Required fields are marked *. Because of this, we didn’t really have any issues here with movement when built. We won't spend much more time on this but will let the photos do the talking. Crossbar is an open light gauge C-Channel. And the "knee crusher" cross member is a dead giveaway that the base frame's stability leaves so much to be desired that it needs buttressing from a very inconveniently placed piece of steel. Seems like a major gripe among those who care about details (such as Linus and crew) is the wobble in these desks. Upon return of the desk, you are refunded 100% of your purchase price. In summary, it’s a heavy and bulky composite wood slab wrapped in faux wood plastic on all sides. These additional items will increase the price of the frame as the size increases. – Specs / Features The first and second versions of the desk had serious problems with some of their Asian-sourced components, as told by the company’s president, Greg Knighton. Columns are only two stage. Both desks have options to add Bluetooth to each control box. Stable at high heights, minimal wobble (side to side) and rocking (front to back) Have overload protection to prevent damage to the equipment if too much weight is applied. Between 31-40, some users may begin to notice the amount of motion in this range. Here's the external motor that hangs below the desk. The left to right wobble on the Jarvis is a deal breaker in my opinion. From the link titles alone, BTOD aims to leave consumers with the blink impression that the product they are searching for has many problems, wobbles, and may not be the best one to buy. Overall, the motor appears to be well built, with a nice motor encasement. We were able to test the frame with the max load and the motors were strong enough to lift the weight. One of the most interesting things I learned about the design of all JieCang gears is that even with their most recent version of gear, they continue to use dated technology, more specifically the use of the spring system found just below the motor mounting plate. No sleek lines here. Two distinct motions affect full standing desks; front to back motion and/or a left to right wobble. As competition has increased, the tactics used by the low end segment have become increasingly more aggressive. ErgoActive Mat Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Balance Board. It features an enclosed support tube, that houses the middle and lower section of the gear. BTOD's house brand of standing desks is already on its third version after the cost cutting measures in V1 and V2 proved to be too problematic. In 2016 Greg and Ryan acquired the shorter domain name from Black Tears of Death, and launched a more sinister business plan to use whatever means necessary to dominate search results in the office products sector. The VertDesk v3 currently has a larger selection of commercial-grade laminate tops with eleven wood grain prints and solid color options available. Extremely hard to assemble, using only a single motor and a hex rod transmission to save the cost of a second motor, bundling with very cheaply-made old-school laminate desktops (with no warranty coverage), and employing a "knee crusher" stability enhancement bar, the VertDesk v3 is overly engineered to cut costs. Uplift Desk v2 Commercial vs. VertDesk v3: Which is better? Uplift Desk is manufactured by Jiecang Linear Technology, based out of China, and established in 2000 as a home care and medical furniture manufacturer. The warranty coverage on the surfaces being sold by Uplift Desk is a bit murkier. I love my VertDesk V3. Ergonomic Wobble Chair. Height adjustment range: 27” to 47.5”, Warranty: 10 years on frame and top, 5 years on electronics. As in, you bend a metal rod by hand (or with a wrench if you have weak forearms) until you can shimmy it into the right spot on the leg opposite the motor. Shop our adjustable height standing desk solutions for home, office, and gaming or eSports setups. While this does a good job creating a finished look, the Uplift Desks’ latest design is a cleaner overall look. Who is and The Breakroom Blog? The VertDesk v3 single motor system offers a more conservative 275 lbs. This is probably cheape than adding a Store button. Heavy faux wood plastic laminate desktop could be a back-breaker. It’s not easy. Like other Uplift Desk branded desks, the v2 Commercial comes with a solid warranty on the frame. A four-layer circuit board is used to maximize functionality and create the smallest footprint possible. VertDesk lists their height adjustment range as 27” to 47.5”. The average speed for the frame was approximately 1.55”/second after ten cycles. We manufacture desks in our Texas factory. Otherwise, be sure to arm yourself with a cordless drill. – Electronics It is recommended to have a second person to help assemble and flip the desk over when completed. 20. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ac02d390cbd4e9e22edb819712e85855" );document.getElementById("b407f9eb6f").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Greg Knighton is the President of with over 15 years experience in the office furniture industry. It isn’t surprising the motor sounds as strained as it does. The motor on the VertDesk v3 is well put together. The aim? The components on the VertDesk’s circuit board are securely fastened with solid platforms and permanent soldered connections. We didn't respond to the false BTOD reviews for over a year. Far from being the best standing desk under $1,000, in our estimation the v3 needs to go the way of the v1 and v2, back to the drawing board. VertDesk says the v3 is their most stable standing desk to date. Full Disclaimer: We are an office furniture dealer and sell some of the products we review. You have to literally and physically bend the long hex rod until it fit into the drive input holes. They curate user reviews on their own site (to be expected) but then use third party sites like TrustPilot to lend the appearance that they have hundreds of five-star reviews from satisfied customers. – Technology Sometimes if you want a change for the better, you have to take things into your own hands. Manufacturers like Linak and Ketterer use precision engineering in their worm drive and gear to prevent this, with the assistance of electromagnetism from the coil and magnets inside the motor. Everything did show up and there were even some extra screws which were great for installing some additional under desk items. Do a search for any standing desk brand and you will see that Google recommended searches now include “brand + wobble”. There are 304 size options, with the ability to select any size from 23″ to 30″ deep and 36″ to 72″ wide, in full inch increments. There are also streaking lines of what appears to be lubrication. However, when you adjust the height to standing position, there is significant movement side to side. Between 20-30, most users will not notice the small amount of motion in this range. This has created a cleaner look and is definitely an improvement over its previous versions of gears. Like, watch-out-you’re-gonna-throw-your-back-out heavy. When he is not at the office helping customers he enjoys golfing, skiing, snowmobiling and spending time with his family. How Much Does an Electric Standing Desk Cost? The VertDesk v3 uses a similar system with a Gyrosensor inside the control box. A Standing Desk Evolution: VertDesk v1 and v2 VS. VertDesk v3. Honestly, I have no problem recommending either option. This takes time. We are excited to announce that the VertDesk v3 is now available with a Bluetooth control box that includes voice control for height adjustments. If you decide to get the entire desk with top, the VertDesk v3 and Uplift are available in an assortment of top options. Too many of them read like enthusiastic marketing copy, and too many of them mention that other reviews they’ve read were untrustworthy but they found BTOD’s reviews to have the best reputation. We will look at  how they compare with their stability, internal components and other build quality aspects to see which is best for your standing desk needs. Single Motor vs. Dual Motor Standing Desks: Which is better? Knowing that JieCang has added some additional functionality to the Uplift v2 Commercial, I had expected to see a different circuit board than previous products we’ve reviewed, including the standard v2 from Uplift. Nice lifting columns will appear almost continuous with clean lines. Add to Cart. Much as the publisher of BTOD likes to put lipstick on the pig with their deceptive reviews, we can't recommend this desk to *any* user. VertDesk V3 is sold by the same cast of characters that own and operates the standing desk review website The Uplift Commercial V2 uses a separate dongle system that plugs into the control box, while the VertDesk v3 uses a Bluetooth controller that is built-in to the control box. You’ll have to visit the operating guide and navigate the six-step process to set a preset. This is one of the most awkward requirements we’ve ever encountered. Product Dimensions 60 x 30 x 46.5 inches Item model number BTOD-VERTDESK Additional Information. Given the popularity of the platform (hence why people are supposed to trust it) that is very odd, indeed. It turns out pressing the up-arrow button four times activates the menu mode. – Stability As soon as the Uplift v2 Commercial was released, we began to receive calls about how it compared to our VertDesk v3. There might be an elegant solution out there, but this isn’t it. vertdesk v3 frame. Single Piece Anti-Wobble Steel Cross Support Just adding a cross support doesn’t guarantee that your next standing desk will be laterally stable. Desktop Power Station (Power outlet, USB, and Wireless Qi Charger) Rating: 100%. When you compare these to designs they are mimicking from Linak, there is a significant difference in the thickness of the two brand’s glides. The look is finished off with an exposed fastener that destroy any possibility of a clean line. If you look through them you’ll find that a high proportion of them use a positive tone that seems remarkably inauthentic, and indeed there’s plenty of evidence on the web that TrustPilot can be gamed by subscribers to post fake reviews on their own company. Good warranty on paper, but that’s only as strong as the company behind it. This is important because as a glide wears down, the stability of the desk will be impacted and how your desk functions today can be very different in as little as a year or two. It shows no signs of trouble lifting 30ish lbs of monitor plus desk accessories. Wondering if he or anyone knows of some 'time-hardened feedback' on his purchase. The VertDesk v3 comes with the upper supports and feet welded to the columns. It is in fact one of the most overpriced and technologically backwards products still on the market today, pumped by creative marketers who explain just enough about how the internal mechanisms of these products work to lull consumers into trusting their “expertise.” Don’t be fooled. First, while screwing in the programmable switch we had to use brute force because the supplied screws were too large for the preset holes. In short, they do this in an attempt to route all their blog readers to buy a BTOD house brand product. The crude and unrefined crossbar. Getting this right plays a big part in how stable a standing desk will be. Because a two-board system is used, JieCang connects the board with poorly connected plastic clips. lists the assembly time as ranging from 30-90 minutes and we have to agree, with the longer range being much more likely. If the gear inside the column isn’t perfectly aligned, you may need to use a wrench to turn the … Typically, return shipping costs can run between $100 to $200. The VertDesk v3 comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The Uplift v2 Commercial comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This desk has a long rod to drive the second leg that requires aligning the drive shaft through the motor housing. Also, consider adding Loctite Threadlocker for a more consistent hold on the foot assembly, cross support and upper support. K&A has been involved in the production of electric standing desks for over 15 years. The VertDesk v3 is manufactured by K&A Mfg. Each brand offers a standard two-button, up and down button. Stand. 20. Have you ever tried to pierce through hard thick plastic with a lowly wood screw? The company built a business around promoting false reviews that bash competitors and redirect buyers to their products. While all glides will naturally wear down over time, better quality materials do hold up better over the high cycle counts most standing desks will experience. Add to Cart. As our industry matures, the bad actors are eventually exposed for what they are. Both the Uplift v2 Commercial and VertDesk v3 did well here, with very stout frame designs. The 4 Best Electric Standing Desks Under $1000. Single motor design is a reliability nightmare, too. As the desk moves up and down, these screws will begin to loosen. This makes the VertDesk a good value in the mid-range. These cover the gap between the telescoping tubes of the desk. Select Page. Leave a comment. All of these pages are pointed at each other and into big roundup reviews like “The Best Standing Desks of 2018”, to lend domain authority to each other. Now, you might think that this is just white-hat SEO stuff, and some of it clearly is, but the net effect of it is to flood the top of Google search results with BTOD links. Very little wobble at 40+ inches for 6ish foot guy. The welds used to create the tubes were well done and not easily visible on either desk. Wobbel Balance Board: Das Holzspielzeug, das Jung und Alt bewegt.Freies Verschiffen zu den Niederlanden, Belgien, Deutschland, Luxemburg und Polen.Sehr niedriger Versand in anderen europäischen Ländern. We found the average speed for the frame to be approximately 1.35”/second after ten cycles. My only recommendation would be to use some Loctite to hold the set screws in place as you use the desk. Seems like he had his office convert from vertdesk to uplift in 2016~. The Uplift Desk is also available in similarly sized laminate options as their bamboo. Even the Wirecutter commented on this fact, stating “some testers in our coworking space noticed and mentioned the noise, or shot us a glance when the motor was running.”. If you'd like to pay a Cadillac price for a Pinto, this is a good choice of standing desks. The same low-quality power supply is being used, with excessive amounts of silicone caulk to hold these components in place. They also offer an option four position memory switch as an upgrade. While the material types of the JieCang glides are unknown, we’ve found similar issues with the glides on other JieCang products tested. The expandable cross support on the v2 Commercial was a tank, just like the rest of the frame. As the name implies, this is the third generation of’s reputed “best seller” in adjustable height desks on the site. While the IKEA Bekant designers’ original intent, per the website, was to make “flexible desk combinations” that encourage collaboration and creativity, they seemed to have traded flexibility for stability.Wobble and rocking issues are substantial starting at the lowest position, and they get worse as the desk rises. We purchased the VertDesk V3 from the website for $838.95. This creates a permanent connection that prevents any potential movement from bolt connections. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Anyone over 6′ tall who wants a stable desking experience would be best served by purchasing a desk that has a top-end height range of 49″-55″. Assembly is the most difficult we’ve seen. These apps will enable you to connect to your desk to move each up and down. Member. Almost all of the desks tested at sitting height will score between 0-20. We also loaded the desk with over 380 lbs. By using the correct pitch of the worm and worm gear, you’re able to hold the desk in place when power is lost to the desk. When you see the final product, this cross support looks incomplete, as though it should be hidden from view or covered up. The Uplift Commercial v2 comes without the feet and work surface supports attached. The VertDesk v3 pain point is inserting the hex rod into the leg opposite the motor. The next step they take is to write not one, but multiple reviews of the same product. While the instructions were decent, there were a few steps that gave us pause. When ordering a 30” x 60” desktop made of plastic-wrapped particle board, one doesn’t expect to need to summon Greek god-like strength just to lift the thing. by | Jan 2, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comments | Jan 2, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comments This is the OEM that makes the VARIDESK ProDesk Electric product. The only true weakness we found with the VertDesk v3’s control box is the way the toroid core had been wrapped. We’ve had feet on standing desks arrive to the lab that bend easily and ruin a desks stability at low to mid heights. The VertDesk v3 has the feet and upper supports welded to the columns. Not the ideal situation for a product that has a lot of vibrations from daily movement. With a seven-year warranty on electronics, the lower quality components are at least covered by Uplift in case issues arise. This plastic is designed to provide good lubrication and hold up well to high count cycles. Decided to do some more research and found that the Jarvis apparently easily wobbles … Watch the video and see Knighton's techniques to dupe viewers into buying a VertDesk V3. It is loud. A very unique feature on the VertDesk v3 is the optional voice control element that is part of its app. The 30″ deep version will definitely give you the most leg room. Add to Cart. Unfortunately, like most that try to copy, you never really get the opportunity to lead and tend to be two steps behind. How these results impact your experience will depend on your sensitivity to wobble and rocking motions. Materials all look to be great quality. With most brands going with desk designs that don’t include traditional cross supports, it was refreshing to see Uplift wanting to create something more stable. This isn’t surprising, as the only brand we’ve found coming from China, to use a single board system designed for use with this product, are on the Kaidi. STABILITY ISSUES . After opening the control box, it was a bit disappointing to see there was almost nothing different from the standard v2. Installation was surprisingly easier then I anticipated. No Store button. We decided to try out the VertDesk v3 and see for ourselves if it lives up to the self-proclaimed hype. Today, they are considered a leading Chinese manufacturer of standing desks. Glides are used for two reasons: To provide the proper fit between the inner and outer columns and to act as a lubricant. When overloaded to 400 lbs., the desk was overloaded and presented an error as overload protection was triggered.

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