swgoh shard farming calculator

Go. RancorRider 2 min read. life farming tool with additional data added for newer characters and gear components - tdm00/swgoh-life-shard-gear-farming-calculator. In hitting this button, players can search for gear and shards across every mode in SWGoH. Type: Days: Current Shard Count: Star Goal: Additional Energy: Drop Rate (per energy): % By simming matches 3 at a time instead of all at once the character shard drop rate seems better. Grandivory's mods optimizer will allow you to equip the optimum mod set on every character you have in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes™. Grouped for your pleasure, to optimize your cantina efficiency and your mods distribution Many people have tried to make automated wither farms, but have had significant problems in actually building it in a contained location without the building mechanism being destroyed. Here we have compiled the best of the best including links to all past guests on our show! Farming Cantina tokens with 8 energy battles. display:inline-table;border:none;height:90px;margin:0;padding:0;position:relative;visibility:visible;width:1000px;background-color:transparent; display:block;border:none;height:90px;margin:0;padding:0;position:relative;visibility:visible;width:1000px;background-color:transparent; var i=this.id,s=window.google_iframe_oncopy,H=s&&s.handlers,h=H&&H[i],w=this.contentWindow,d;try{d=w.document}catch(e){}if(h&&d&&(!d.body||!d.body.firstChild)){if(h.call){setTimeout(h,0)}else if(h.match){try{h=s.upd(h,i)}catch(e){}w.location.replace(h)}}. I will show you tips on adding up your ability mats while farming and finding Vader shards while farming. use the cool farm tool an online greenhouse gas, water, and biodiversity calculator for farmers free for farmers the cool farm alliance an industry platform for sustainable agriculture metric development and use learn more news & resources stay up to date with our case studies, resources, news & … Shard/Gear Farming Calculator A tool that shows you the best way to farm a toon's shards and gear and gives an estimate of the amount of time it will take to do so. Replies. 2018 may be the year where ships becomes a really important part of SWGoH and with that I made complete ship farming guide Become a patron of SWGOH. Terms of Service Privacy Policy Privacy Policy SWGOH TOOLS AND GUIDES. A tool that shows you the best way to farm a toon's shards and gear AS = Assault armor BA = Battle armor Re = Reconnaissance armor. Popular YouTuber and SWGoH GameChanger AhnaldT101 has put together a list of where to farm each available character in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes to make things easier on SWGoH players around the world. Want to get in touch, share your tips, or discuss the game? Check out D Squared's Characters and Stats from Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes! A simple fact first : you need 330 shards to complete a character. – Old Ben and Farm Luke are both required at 7* to unlock CLS. Galaxy of Heroes: Galactic War Game Mode. A set of tools for SWGOH. Use Git or checkout with SVN using the web URL. While CLS remains an end-game focus for players, Old Ben is a formidable tank that can be used into mid-tier Arena. I found them on Reddit, but could not locate the origin. Discord is a popular server used by guilds and. Helping players get the best of the game Just a few words for those who don't know what is Discord or a Discord Bot. (created by Rabiator) You will see what damage reduction you will become for energy, kinetic and the elemental-dots. Why Old Ben and Farm Luke before Anakin? With that in mind, we have decided to modify that list and sort them by the characters needed. Join our. The calculator is also useful for determining the effect of armor penetration. Once unlocked, you can battle through a full set of different fights, waging war on all sorts of different squads until you either reach the end of the table and win, or lose all of your characters. You signed in with another tab or window. Try to get one of the enemies to put down a Reinforcement Beacon. The SWGOH community churns out an enormous amount of information. It unlocks when a player reaches Level 28 and the ranks go from 20,000 to 1 with rewards varying based on rank. 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Store",400],["Squad Cantina Battle Shipments",400]],"bodhi-rook":[["Galactic War Shipments",400]],"bossk":[["Dark Hard 9-B",20]],"cad-bane":[["Galactic War Shipments",400]],"captain-han-solo":[["Cantina 7-D",16]],"captain-phasma":[["Galactic War Shipments",400]],"cassian-andor":[["Squad Arena Shipments",400]],"cc-2224-cody":[["Fleet Store",400],["Guild Shipments",400]],"chief-chirpa":[["Cantina 5-D",12]],"chief-nebit":[["Squad Arena Shipments",400]],"chirrut-imwe":[["Fleet Store",400]],"chopper":[["Squad Cantina Battle Shipments",400]],"clone-sergeant-phase-i":[["Dark Hard 1-B",12],["Dark Hard 3-E",12],["Light Hard 5-E",16]],"clone-wars-chewbacca":[["Cantina 1-C",8],["Cantina 5-G",12],["Dark Hard 2-C",12],["Light Hard 3-E",12]],"colonel-starck":[["Guild Shipments",400]],"coruscant-underworld-police":[["Squad Arena Shipments",400]],"count-dooku":[["Cantina 6-G",12],["Dark Hard 1-C",12],["Light Hard 1-C",12]],"ct-21-0408-echo":[["Fleet Store",400],["Guild Shipments",400]],"ct-5555-fives":[["Dark Hard 2-D",12],["Squad Cantina Battle Shipments",400]],"ct-7567-rex":[["Fleet Store",400],["Guild Shipments",400]],"darth-maul":[["Fleet Store",400],["Guild Shipments",400]],"darth-nihilus":[["Dark Hard 9-A",20]],"darth-sidious":[["Squad Arena Shipments",400]],"darth-sion":[["Light Hard 9-A",20]],"darth-vader":[["Fleet Store",400]],"dathcha":[["Galactic War Shipments",400],["Light Hard 3-B",12],["Light Hard 3-F",12]],"death-trooper":[["Cantina 8-A",16]],"dengar":[["Guild Shipments",400]],"director-krennic":[["Light Hard 9-D",20]],"eeth-koth":[["Squad Arena Shipments",400]],"enfys-nest":[["Fleet Hard 5-D",16]],"ewok-elder":[["Dark Hard 8-C",20],["Guild Shipments",400],["Light Hard 2-C",12]],"ewok-scout":[["Light Hard 1-A",12]],"ezra-bridger":[["Cantina 2-B",8],["Fleet Store",400]],"finn":[["Cantina 3-E",10],["Cantina 5-C",12],["Light Hard 7-A",20]],"first-order-executioner":[["Cantina 2-G",8]],"first-order-officer":[["Squad Cantina Battle Shipments",400]],"first-order-sf-tie-pilot":[["Guild Shipments",400]],"first-order-stormtrooper":[["Dark Hard 2-A",12],["Light Hard 2-B",12]],"first-order-tie-pilot":[["Dark Hard 6-B",16],["Light Hard 6-D",16]],"gamorrean-guard":[["Guild Shipments",400]],"gar-saxon":[["Cantina 8-E",16]],"garazeb-zeb-orrelios":[["Galactic War Shipments",400]],"general-grievous":[["Fleet Store",400],["Shard Shop",1000]],"general-veers":[["Light Hard 4-C",12],["Light Hard 6-C",16]],"geonosian-soldier":[["Cantina 1-A",8],["Fleet Store",400]],"geonosian-spy":[["Cantina 4-D",10],["Fleet Store",400]],"grand-moff-tarkin":[["Fleet Store",400],["Squad Arena Shipments",400]],"greedo":[["Squad Arena Shipments",400]],"hera-syndulla":[["Cantina 1-F",8]],"hk-47":[["Squad Arena Shipments",400]],"hoth-rebel-scout":[["Dark Hard 6-A",16],["Light Hard 8-B",20],["Squad Cantina Battle Shipments",400]],"hoth-rebel-soldier":[["Dark Hard 3-B",12]],"ig-100-magnaguard":[["Cantina 3-C",10],["Dark Hard 6-E",16]],"ig-86-sentinel-droid":[["Cantina 4-E",10],["Dark Hard 2-F",12],["Galactic War Shipments",400],["Light Hard 4-D",12]],"ig-88":[["Squad Arena Shipments",400]],"ima-gun-di":[["Cantina 7-E",16],["Dark Hard 5-A",16],["Guild Shipments",400],["Light Hard 7-C",20]],"imperial-super-commando":[["Cantina 8-D",16]],"jawa-engineer":[["Guild Shipments",400]],"jawa-scavenger":[["Squad Cantina Battle Shipments",400]],"jawa":[["Cantina 2-D",8],["Dark Hard 4-F",12],["Light Hard 6-B",16]],"jedi-consular":[["Cantina 3-A",10],["Dark Hard 1-D",12],["Dark Hard 3-C",12],["Fleet Store",400],["Light Hard 1-B",12]],"jedi-knight-anakin":[["Cantina 7-G",16],["Dark Hard 7-D",20],["Light Hard 5-C",16]],"jedi-knight-guardian":[["Dark Hard 3-F",12],["Squad Cantina Battle Shipments",400]],"jolee-bindo":[["Dark Hard 6-D",16],["Fleet Hard 4-E",12]],"jyn-erso":[["Guild Shipments",400]],"k-2so":[["Galactic War Shipments",400]],"kanan-jarrus":[["Squad Arena Shipments",400]],"kit-fisto":[["Cantina 4-F",10]],"kylo-ren-unmasked":[["Cantina 3-F",10]],"kylo-ren":[["Cantina 4-C",10],["Cantina 6-C",12]],"l3-37":[["Cantina 5-A",12]],"lando-calrissian":[["Cantina 1-E",8],["Cantina 5-F",12]],"lobot":[["Light Hard 4-B",12],["Light Hard 5-B",16]],"logray":[["Guild Shipments",400]],"luke-skywalker":[["Cantina 1-B",8],["Guild Shipments",400],["Light Hard 7-D",20]],"luminara-unduli":[["Dark Hard 2-E",12],["Galactic War Shipments",400],["Light Hard 3-D",12],["Light Hard 6-A",16]],"mace-windu":[["Cantina 4-A",10],["Fleet Store",400],["Light Hard 2-E",12],["Squad Arena Shipments",400]],"magmatrooper":[["Galactic War Shipments",400]],"mob-enforcer":[["Squad Cantina Battle Shipments",400]],"mother-talzin":[["Light Hard 8-A",20]],"nightsister-acolyte":[["Cantina 2-A",8]],"nightsister-initiate":[["Galactic War Shipments",400]],"nightsister-spirit":[["Cantina 7-F",16]],"nightsister-zombie":[["Dark Hard 8-D",20]],"nute-gunray":[["Squad Arena Shipments",400]],"obi-wan-kenobi-old-ben":[["Cantina 2-F",8],["Cantina 6-B",12]],"old-daka":[["Dark Hard 4-B",12],["Squad Cantina Battle Shipments",400]],"pao":[["Squad Cantina Battle Shipments",400]],"paploo":[["Cantina 3-D",10]],"plo-koon":[["Cantina 4-G",10],["Fleet Store",400]],"poe-dameron":[["Dark Hard 7-A",20],["Fleet Store",400],["Light Hard 7-B",20],["Squad Cantina Battle Shipments",400]],"poggle-the-lesser":[["Galactic War Shipments",400],["Light Hard 4-E",12],["Light Hard 6-E",16]],"princess-leia":[["Squad Arena Shipments",400]],"qui-gon-jinn":[["Squad Cantina Battle Shipments",400]],"range-trooper":[["Dark Hard 3-A",12]],"resistance-pilot":[["Fleet Store",400],["Galactic War Shipments",400]],"resistance-trooper":[["Guild Shipments",400],["Light Hard 3-A",12]],"rey-scavenger":[["Dark Hard 5-D",16],["Guild Shipments",400],["Light Hard 2-A",12]],"rose-tico":[["Light Hard 4-F",12]],"royal-guard":[["Cantina 7-C",16],["Dark Hard 5-F",16],["Light Hard 1-D",12]],"sabine-wren":[["Dark Hard 1-A",12],["Guild Shipments",400]],"savage-opress":[["Squad Arena Shipments",400]],"scarif-rebel-pathfinder":[["Cantina 1-D",8],["Fleet Store",400]],"shoretrooper":[["Light Hard 9-B",20]],"sith-assassin":[["Cantina 8-C",16]],"sith-marauder":[["Cantina 6-E",12]],"sith-trooper":[["Cantina 8-B",16]],"snowtrooper":[["Cantina 7-B",16],["Guild Shipments",400],["Light Hard 8-C",20]],"stormtrooper-han":[["Squad Arena Shipments",400]],"stormtrooper":[["Light Hard 3-C",12],["Light Hard 8-D",20],["Squad Cantina Battle Shipments",400]],"sun-fac":[["Fleet Store",400],["Guild Shipments",400]],"talia":[["Cantina 1-G",8],["Cantina 5-E",12],["Light Hard 2-D",12],["Light Hard 2-F",12]],"teebo":[["Dark Hard 3-D",12],["Galactic War Shipments",400],["Light Hard 4-A",12]],"tie-fighter-pilot":[["Cantina 4-B",10]],"tusken-raider":[["Cantina 7-A",16],["Dark Hard 6-C",16],["Galactic War Shipments",400]],"tusken-shaman":[["Fleet Store",400],["Guild Shipments",400]],"ugnaught":[["Squad Arena Shipments",400]],"urorrurrr":[["Light Hard 5-A",16],["Light Hard 5-F",16]],"vandor-chewbacca":[["Dark Hard 4-D",12]],"veteran-smuggler-chewbacca":[["Cantina 8-F",16]],"veteran-smuggler-han-solo":[["Cantina 8-G",16]],"visas-marr":[["Dark Hard 7-B",20]],"wedge-antilles":[["Cantina 6-F",12],["Fleet Store",400]],"wicket":[["Dark Hard 8-A",20]],"young-han-solo":[["Guild Shipments",400]],"young-lando-calrissian":[["Fleet Hard 1-D",12]],"zam-wesell":[["Fleet Store",400],["Guild Shipments",400]],"mk-1-blastech-weapon-mod":[["Dark Hard 1-A",12],["Dark Normal 1-D",6],["Dark Normal 6-G",8],["Light Hard 1-C",12],["Light Hard 2-C",12],["Light Hard 2-E",12],["Light Hard 3-A",12],["Light Hard 4-F",12],["Light Normal 1-C",6],["Light Normal 1-E",6],["Light Normal 2-F",6],["Light Normal 3-B",6],["Light Normal 4-L",6]],"mk-1-baw-armor-mod":[["Dark Normal 2-C",6],["Dark Normal 5-C",8],["Light Hard 1-A",12],["Light Hard 1-B",12],["Light Hard 1-D",12],["Light Hard 2-B",12],["Light Normal 1-C",6],["Light Normal 1-D",6],["Light Normal 1-E",6],["Light Normal 2-D",6],["Light Normal 4-G",6],["Light Normal 8-E",10]],"mk-1-neuro-saav-electrobinoculars":[["Dark Hard 2-B",12],["Dark Hard 4-F",12],["Dark Normal 4-K",6],["Light Hard 1-D",12],["Light Hard 2-F",12],["Light Hard 4-E",12],["Light Normal 1-C",6],["Light Normal 1-E",6],["Light Normal 1-F",6],["Light Normal 2-A",6],["Light Normal 2-H",6],["Light Normal 4-I",6]],"mk-1-taggeco-holo-lens":[["Dark Hard 4-C",12],["Dark Normal 4-F",6],["Light Hard 1-A",12],["Light Hard 2-D",12],["Light Hard 3-C",12],["Light Hard 5-F",16],["Light Normal 1-C",6],["Light Normal 1-F",6],["Light Normal 3-C",6],["Light Normal 5-L",8],["Light Normal 6-I",8]],"mk-1-nubian-security-scanner":[["Dark Hard 1-A",12],["Dark Normal 1-B",6],["Dark Normal 5-G",8],["Light Hard 1-A",12],["Light Hard 3-F",12],["Light Normal 1-C",6],["Light Normal 1-E",6],["Light Normal 3-I",6]],"mk-1-loronar-power-cell":[["Dark Hard 4-F",12],["Dark Normal 4-L",6],["Dark Normal 6-B",8],["Light Hard 2-A",12],["Light Hard 3-B",12],["Light Normal 1-D",6],["Light Normal 1-E",6],["Light Normal 2-C",6],["Light Normal 3-H",6],["Light Normal 8-H",10]],"mk-1-fabritech-data-pad":[["Dark Hard 4-E",12],["Dark Normal 4-J",6],["Dark Normal 6-C",8],["Light Hard 1-B",12],["Light Hard 2-C",12],["Light Hard 4-B",12],["Light Hard 4-C",12],["Light Normal 1-D",6],["Light Normal 1-F",6],["Light Normal 2-F",6],["Light Normal 4-C",6],["Light Normal 4-F",6]],"mk-1-arakyd-droid-caller":[["Dark Hard 2-A",12],["Dark Normal 2-D",6],["Dark Normal 6-F",8],["Light Hard 1-D",12],["Light Hard 2-C",12],["Light Hard 3-C",12],["Light Hard 4-E",12],["Light Normal 2-A",6],["Light Normal 2-D",6],["Light Normal 3-D",6],["Light Normal 4-J",6]],"mk-1-biotech-implant":[["Light Hard 1-C",12],["Light Hard 2-E",12],["Light Hard 3-E",12],["Light Hard 4-D",12],["Light Normal 1-F",6],["Light Normal 2-G",6],["Light Normal 3-G",6],["Light Normal 4-H",6]],"mk-1-akt-stun-gun":[["Dark Normal 2-I",6],["Light Hard 2-A",12],["Light Hard 3-F",12],["Light Hard 4-A",12],["Light Normal 2-B",6],["Light Normal 3-E",6],["Light Normal 4-A",6],["Light Normal 6-H",8],["Light Normal 6-J",8]],"mk-1-cec-fusion-furnace":[["Dark Hard 4-D",12],["Dark Normal 4-G",6],["Light Hard 1-B",12],["Light Normal 1-D",6],["Light Normal 6-D",8]],"mk-1-merr-sonn-shield-generator":[["Dark Hard 4-D",12],["Dark Normal 4-H",6],["Dark Normal 6-A",8],["Dark Normal 6-H",8],["Light Hard 1-C",12],["Light Hard 3-F",12],["Light Normal 1-F",6],["Light Normal 3-G",6],["Light Normal 8-G",10]],"mk-2-blastech-weapon-mod":[["Dark Hard 1-B",12],["Dark Hard 2-C",12],["Dark Hard 3-B",12],["Dark Hard 4-B",12],["Dark Normal 1-F",6],["Dark Normal 2-B",6],["Dark Normal 4-C",6],["Dark Normal 6-E",8],["Dark Normal 8-D",10],["Light Hard 3-D",12],["Light Hard 4-C",12],["Light Normal 3-E",6],["Light Normal 4-E",6]],"mk-2-baw-armor-mod-prototype":[["Dark Hard 3-A",12],["Dark Normal 3-C",6],["Light Hard 2-A",12],["Light Normal 2-C",6],["Light Normal 6-E",8]],"mk-2-neuro-saav-electrobinoculars-prototype":[["Dark Hard 4-B",12],["Dark Normal 4-D",6],["Dark Normal 6-I",8],["Light Hard 2-F",12],["Light Hard 4-A",12],["Light Normal 2-I",6],["Light Normal 4-B",6]],"mk-2-taggeco-holo-lens":[["Dark Hard 1-B",12],["Dark Hard 3-E",12],["Dark Hard 5-D",16],["Dark Hard 5-E",16],["Dark Normal 1-A",6],["Dark Normal 3-G",6],["Dark Normal 5-G",8],["Light Hard 3-A",12],["Light Normal 3-A",6],["Light Normal 7-G",10]],"mk-2-nubian-security-scanner-prototype":[["Dark Hard 2-F",12],["Dark Normal 2-G",6],["Dark Normal 6-D",8],["Light Hard 2-B",12],["Light Hard 4-B",12],["Light Normal 2-E",6],["Light Normal 4-D",6]],"mk-1-sorosuub-keypad":[["Dark Hard 1-C",12],["Dark Normal 1-C",6],["Dark Normal 5-I",8],["Dark Normal 8-E",10],["Light Hard 2-B",12],["Light Normal 2-E",6],["Light Normal 7-D",10],["Light Normal 8-B",10]],"mk-1-czerka-stun-cuffs":[["Dark Hard 3-A",12],["Dark Normal 3-A",6],["Dark Normal 5-D",8],["Dark Normal 7-H",10],["Light Hard 2-E",12],["Light Normal 2-G",6]],"mk-1-chiewab-hypo-syringe-prototype":[["Dark Hard 3-F",12],["Dark Normal 3-H",6],["Dark Normal 6-J",8],["Light Hard 2-D",12],["Light Hard 4-D",12],["Light Normal 2-B",6],["Light Normal 4-G",6]],"mk-2-cec-fusion-furnace":[["Dark Hard 1-A",12],["Dark Hard 2-A",12],["Dark Hard 3-D",12],["Dark Hard 5-D",16],["Dark Normal 1-A",6],["Dark Normal 2-A",6],["Dark Normal 3-F",6],["Dark Normal 5-H",8],["Dark Normal 8-G",10]],"mk-2-merr-sonn-shield-generator":[["Dark Hard 2-F",12],["Dark Hard 4-E",12],["Dark Normal 2-H",6],["Dark Normal 4-I",6],["Dark Normal 7-F",10],["Dark Normal 9-H",10]],"mk-3-blastech-weapon-mod":[["Light Hard 3-C",12],["Light Hard 5-D",16],["Light Normal 3-C",6],["Light Normal 5-G",8],["Light Normal 7-H",10],["Light Normal 8-F",10]],"mk-3-baw-armor-mod":[["Dark Hard 1-D",12],["Dark Hard 3-C",12],["Dark Hard 6-C",16],["Dark Normal 1-E",6],["Dark Normal 5-A",8],["Dark Normal 6-F",8],["Dark Normal 7-C",10]],"mk-3-neuro-saav-electrobinoculars":[["Light Hard 3-E",12],["Light Hard 5-A",16],["Light Hard 5-D",16],["Light Normal 3-G",6],["Light Normal 5-B",8],["Light Normal 5-H",8]],"mk-3-taggeco-holo-lens-prototype":[["Light Hard 3-F",12],["Light Hard 5-B",16],["Light Normal 3-I",6],["Light Normal 5-C",8],["Light Normal 7-A",10],["Light Normal 8-E",10]],"mk-3-loronar-power-cell":[["Dark Hard 1-B",12],["Dark Hard 3-F",12],["Dark Hard 6-A",16],["Dark Normal 1-B",6],["Dark Normal 3-I",6],["Dark Normal 6-B",8],["Dark Normal 7-B",10]],"mk-2-fabritech-data-pad":[["Light Hard 3-B",12],["Light Hard 5-C",16],["Light Normal 3-H",6],["Light Normal 5-E",8],["Light Normal 6-F",8]],"mk-1-nubian-design-tech-prototype":[["Dark Hard 1-D",12],["Dark Normal 1-E",6],["Dark Normal 8-A",10],["Light Hard 3-D",12],["Light Hard 5-E",16],["Light Normal 3-D",6],["Light Normal 5-J",8]],"mk-2-sorosuub-keypad-prototype":[["Dark Hard 1-D",12],["Dark Hard 3-B",12],["Dark Normal 1-F",6],["Dark Normal 3-B",6],["Dark Normal 6-D",8],["Dark Normal 7-E",10]],"mk-2-arakyd-droid-caller":[["Dark Hard 3-C",12],["Dark Normal 3-E",6],["Dark Normal 8-C",10],["Light Hard 2-D",12],["Light Hard 5-C",16],["Light Normal 2-H",6],["Light Normal 5-F",8],["Light Normal 8-C",10],["Light Normal 9-A",10]],"mk-1-sienar-holo-projector":[["Light Hard 3-B",12],["Light Hard 5-E",16],["Light Normal 3-B",6],["Light Normal 5-A",8],["Light Normal 5-I",8]],"mk-2-chiewab-hypo-syringe":[["Dark Hard 2-F",12],["Dark Hard 4-A",12],["Dark Hard 6-D",16],["Dark Normal 4-B",6],["Dark Normal 6-H",8],["Light Hard 2-F",12],["Light Hard 4-F",12],["Light Normal 2-I",6],["Light Normal 4-K",6],["Light Normal 7-C",10],["Light Normal 9-F",10]],"mk-3-biotech-implant":[["Dark Hard 1-C",12],["Dark Hard 2-D",12],["Dark Hard 4-A",12],["Dark Normal 1-D",6],["Dark Normal 2-F",6],["Dark Normal 4-A",6],["Dark Normal 8-F",10],["Dark Normal 9-E",10],["Light Hard 3-D",12],["Light Hard 4-F",12],["Light Normal 3-F",6],["Light Normal 4-K",6],["Light Normal 6-G",8],["Light Normal 9-E",10]],"mk-4-blastech-weapon-mod-prototype":[["Dark Hard 2-E",12],["Dark Hard 5-E",16],["Dark Normal 2-H",6],["Dark Normal 5-J",8],["Dark Normal 7-G",10],["Dark Normal 9-A",10],["Dark Normal 9-B",10],["Light Hard 4-C",12],["Light Normal 4-E",6]],"mk-4-loronar-power-cell-prototype":[["Dark Hard 2-C",12],["Dark Hard 6-E",16],["Dark Normal 2-C",6],["Dark Normal 5-F",8],["Dark Normal 6-J",8],["Dark Normal 8-B",10],["Dark Normal 9-D",10]],"mk-3-sorosuub-keypad":[["Guild Events Store",400]],"mk-4-biotech-implant-prototype":[["Dark Hard 2-E",12],["Dark Hard 4-C",12],["Dark Normal 2-E",6],["Dark Normal 4-E",6],["Dark Normal 8-H",10],["Dark Normal 9-C",10],["Light Hard 4-D",12],["Light Normal 4-H",6],["Light Normal 6-B",8],["Light Normal 8-D",10],["Light Normal 9-D",10]],"mk-5-blastech-weapon-mod-prototype":[["Dark Hard 2-B",12],["Dark Hard 5-B",16],["Dark Normal 2-B",6],["Dark Normal 5-C",8],["Dark Normal 7-A",10],["Dark Normal 9-F",10],["Light Hard 4-E",12],["Light Normal 4-J",6]],"mk-4-baw-armor-mod-salvage":[["Dark Hard 2-C",12],["Dark Hard 3-E",12],["Dark Hard 5-A",16],["Dark Hard 7-D",20],["Dark Hard 8-B",20],["Dark Normal 2-C",6],["Dark Normal 3-F",6],["Dark Normal 7-G",10],["Dark Normal 8-D",10],["Dark Normal 9-A",10],["Light Hard 3-A",12],["Light Hard 6-C",16],["Light Normal 3-A",6],["Light Normal 6-F",8],["STR Gear Challenge (sun, mon, thu)",0]],"mk-5-neuro-saav-electrobinoculars-salvage":[["AGI Gear Challenge (sun, tue, fri)",0],["Light Hard 4-D",12],["Light Hard 5-A",16],["Light Hard 6-E",16],["Light Normal 4-G",6],["Light Normal 5-B",8],["Light Normal 6-I",8]],"mk-4-taggeco-holo-lens-salvage":[["Light Hard 4-B",12],["Light Hard 5-F",16],["Light Hard 7-B",20],["Light Hard 8-B",20],["Light Normal 4-C",6],["Light Normal 5-L",8],["Light Normal 7-C",10],["Light Normal 8-D",10]],"mk-3-arakyd-droid-caller-salvage":[["AGI Gear Challenge (sun, tue, fri)",0],["Dark Hard 2-E",12],["Dark Hard 5-B",16],["Dark Hard 7-B",20],["Dark Hard 8-C",20],["Dark Normal 2-G",6],["Dark Normal 5-H",8],["Dark Normal 7-D",10],["Dark Normal 8-E",10],["Dark Normal 9-B",10],["Light Hard 4-F",12],["Light Normal 4-L",6]],"mk-5-loronar-power-cell-salvage":[["Dark Hard 2-D",12],["Dark Hard 5-C",16],["Dark Hard 8-C",20],["Dark Normal 2-E",6],["Dark Normal 4-B",6],["Dark Normal 8-F",10],["Light Hard 4-C",12],["Light Hard 5-D",16],["Light Hard 7-D",20],["Light Normal 4-F",6],["Light Normal 5-G",8],["Light Normal 7-H",10],["TAC Gear Challenge (sun, wed, sat)",0]],"mk-4-fabritech-data-pad-prototype":[["Dark Hard 2-D",12],["Dark Hard 5-A",16],["Dark Normal 2-F",6],["Dark Normal 3-D",6],["Dark Normal 5-B",8],["Light Hard 4-B",12],["Light Normal 4-D",6],["Light Normal 7-F",10],["Light Normal 9-H",10]],"mk-5-biotech-implant-prototype":[["Dark Hard 1-C",12],["Dark Hard 5-F",16],["Dark Normal 1-C",6],["Dark Normal 5-K",8],["Dark Normal 7-D",10],["Dark Normal 9-G",10]],"mk-1-athakam-medpac-salvage":[["Light Hard 3-E",12],["Light Hard 6-B",16],["Light Hard 8-A",20],["Light Normal 3-F",6],["Light Normal 6-C",8],["Light Normal 8-A",10],["TAC Gear Challenge (sun, wed, sat)",0]],"mk-1-chedak-comlink-salvage":[["Dark Hard 2-F",12],["Dark Hard 6-E",16],["Dark Hard 7-D",20],["Dark Normal 2-I",6],["Dark Normal 6-I",8],["Dark Normal 7-H",10],["Dark Normal 9-D",10]],"mk-6-blastech-weapon-mod-prototype":[["Dark Hard 5-C",16],["Dark Normal 5-E",8],["Light Hard 5-B",16],["Light Normal 5-D",8],["Light Normal 6-A",8],["Light Normal 9-G",10]],"mk-5-baw-armor-mod-salvage":[["Light Hard 4-E",12],["Light Hard 5-A",16],["Light Hard 6-D",16],["Light Normal 4-I",6],["Light Normal 5-A",8],["Light Normal 6-H",8]],"mk-5-taggeco-holo-lens-prototype-salvage":[["Dark Hard 3-E",12],["Dark Hard 5-D",16],["Dark Hard 7-A",20],["Dark Hard 8-D",20],["Dark Normal 3-G",6],["Dark Normal 5-G",8],["Dark Normal 7-B",10],["Dark Normal 8-G",10],["Dark Normal 9-B",10],["Dark Normal 9-H",10]],"mk-4-nubian-security-scanner-prototype-salvage":[["Dark Hard 3-C",12],["Dark Hard 4-D",12],["Dark Normal 3-C",6],["Dark Normal 4-G",6],["Light Hard 7-B",20],["Light Hard 8-B",20],["Light Hard 9-B",20],["Light Normal 7-D",10],["Light Normal 8-C",10],["Light Normal 9-G",10],["Light Normal 9-H",10]],"mk-6-loronar-power-cell-salvage":[["Dark Hard 2-B",12],["Dark Hard 6-D",16],["Dark Hard 8-A",20],["Dark Normal 2-A",6],["Dark Normal 6-G",8],["Dark Normal 8-A",10],["Dark Normal 9-C",10]],"mk-5-fabritech-data-pad":[["Light Hard 5-F",16],["Light Normal 5-K",8],["Light Normal 6-C",8],["Light Normal 7-B",10],["Light Normal 8-A",10],["Light Normal 9-B",10]],"mk-3-chiewab-hypo-syringe-prototype-salvage":[["Dark Hard 3-F",12],["Dark Hard 5-A",16],["Dark Hard 7-C",20],["Dark Normal 3-I",6],["Dark Normal 5-B",8],["Dark Normal 7-E",10],["Dark Normal 9-F",10],["Light Hard 7-D",20],["Light Normal 7-G",10],["Light Normal 9-B",10]],"mk-2-chedak-comlink-prototype":[["Dark Hard 2-A",12],["Dark Hard 5-F",16],["Dark Normal 2-D",6],["Dark Normal 5-L",8],["Light Hard 4-A",12],["Light Normal 4-B",6],["Light Normal 7-E",10],["Light Normal 9-C",10]],"mk-1-carbanti-sensor-array-prototype-salvage":[["Dark Hard 3-D",12],["Dark Hard 4-A",12],["Dark Hard 4-E",12],["Dark Hard 5-D",16],["Dark Hard 5-E",16],["Dark Hard 6-A",16],["Dark Hard 8-B",20],["Dark Normal 3-D",6],["Dark Normal 4-I",6],["Dark Normal 6-A",8],["Dark Normal 8-C",10],["Dark Normal 9-A",10],["Dark Normal 9-G",10],["Light Hard 5-A",16],["Light Hard 5-C",16],["Light Hard 6-B",16],["Light Hard 8-C",20],["Light Normal 5-E",8],["Light Normal 6-D",8],["Light Normal 9-C",10]],"mk-3-merr-sonn-thermal-detonator-prototype-salvage":[["Dark Hard 3-A",12],["Dark Hard 4-D",12],["Dark Hard 5-C",16],["Dark Hard 6-D",16],["Dark Normal 3-A",6],["Dark Normal 4-H",6],["Dark Normal 5-E",8],["Dark Normal 6-H",8],["Light Hard 7-C",20],["Light Normal 7-F",10],["Light Normal 9-D",10]],"mk-7-blastech-weapon-mod-prototype-salvage":[["Dark Hard 4-C",12],["Dark Hard 5-B",16],["Dark Hard 7-C",20],["Dark Normal 4-E",6],["Dark Normal 5-C",8],["Dark Normal 7-F",10],["Dark Normal 9-C",10],["Light Hard 8-D",20],["Light Hard 9-A",20],["Light Normal 8-G",10],["Light Normal 9-E",10]],"mk-6-taggeco-holo-lens-prototype-salvage":[["Dark Hard 4-B",12],["Dark Hard 4-F",12],["Dark Hard 6-A",16],["Dark Hard 9-B",20],["Dark Normal 4-C",6],["Dark Normal 4-L",6],["Dark Normal 6-B",8],["Light Hard 7-C",20],["Light Normal 7-E",10],["Light Normal 9-A",10]],"mk-6-fabritech-data-pad-salvage":[["Dark Hard 3-B",12],["Dark Hard 4-B",12],["Dark Hard 6-C",16],["Dark Normal 3-B",6],["Dark Normal 4-D",6],["Dark Normal 6-E",8],["Dark Normal 9-E",10],["Light Hard 6-A",16],["Light Normal 6-A",8],["Light Normal 9-A",10]],"mk-2-sienar-holo-projector-prototype-salvage":[["Dark Hard 3-F",12],["Dark Hard 7-A",20],["Dark Normal 3-H",6],["Dark Normal 7-A",10],["Dark Normal 9-D",10],["Light Hard 4-A",12],["Light Hard 6-C",16],["Light Normal 4-A",6],["Light Normal 6-E",8],["Light Normal 9-F",10]],"mk-1-zaltin-bacta-gel-prototype-salvage":[["Dark Hard 4-A",12],["Dark Hard 5-E",16],["Dark Hard 6-C",16],["Dark Hard 7-B",20],["Dark Hard 9-C",20],["Dark Normal 4-A",6],["Dark Normal 5-I",8],["Dark Normal 6-E",8],["Dark Normal 7-C",10],["Dark Normal 9-F",10]],"mk-5-merr-sonn-shield-generator":[["Shipments",400]],"mk-4-merr-sonn-thermal-detonator-prototype-salvage":[["Dark Hard 4-F",12],["Dark Hard 6-B",16],["Dark Hard 8-D",20],["Dark Hard 9-D",20],["Dark Normal 4-K",6],["Dark Normal 5-J",8],["Dark Normal 8-H",10],["Dark Normal 9-H",10],["Light Hard 5-E",16],["Light Hard 6-E",16],["Light Hard 8-C",20],["Light Hard 9-D",20],["Light Normal 5-J",8],["Light Normal 6-J",8],["Light Normal 8-F",10],["Light Normal 9-D",10]],"mk-7-baw-armor-mod-prototype-salvage":[["Dark Hard 4-C",12],["Dark Hard 4-E",12],["Dark Hard 8-A",20],["Dark Hard 9-A",20],["Dark Normal 4-F",6],["Dark Normal 4-J",6],["Dark Normal 8-B",10],["Dark Normal 9-E",10],["Light Hard 5-E",16],["Light Hard 7-A",20],["Light Normal 5-I",8],["Light Normal 7-B",10]],"mk-6-neuro-saav-electrobinoculars-prototype-salvage":[["Dark Hard 6-B",16],["Dark Normal 6-C",8],["Dark Normal 9-G",10],["Light Hard 5-B",16],["Light Hard 6-D",16],["Light Hard 8-A",20],["Light Hard 9-C",20],["Light Normal 5-D",8],["Light Normal 6-G",8],["Light Normal 8-B",10],["Light Normal 9-C",10]],"mk-5-nubian-security-scanner-prototype-salvage":[["Dark Hard 5-A",16],["Dark Hard 6-A",16],["Dark Hard 6-E",16],["Dark Hard 9-B",20],["Dark Normal 5-A",8],["Dark Normal 6-A",8],["Dark Normal 6-I",8]],"mk-5-nubian-design-tech":[["Shard Shop",1000]],"mk-5-nubian-design-tech-prototype":[["Guild Shipments",400],["Shipments",400]],"mk-5-nubian-design-tech-prototype-salvage":[["Dark Hard 5-C",16],["Dark Hard 8-D",20],["Dark Hard 9-D",20],["Dark Normal 5-F",8],["Dark Normal 8-G",10],["Light Hard 6-B",16],["Light Normal 6-C",8]],"mk-4-sorosuub-keypad":[["Shipments",400]],"mk-4-sorosuub-keypad-salvage":[["Dark Hard 6-B",16],["Dark Normal 6-C",8],["Light Hard 5-C",16],["Light Hard 6-E",16],["Light Hard 8-D",20],["Light Hard 9-A",20],["Light Normal 5-F",8],["Light Normal 6-J",8],["Light Normal 8-H",10],["Light Normal 9-E",10],["STR Gear Challenge (sun, mon, thu)",0]],"mk-4-arakyd-droid-caller-salvage":[["Dark Hard 5-F",16],["Dark Hard 7-D",20],["Dark Hard 9-A",20],["Dark Normal 5-K",8],["Dark Normal 7-G",10],["Light Hard 6-D",16],["Light Hard 7-D",20],["Light Normal 6-H",8],["Light Normal 7-H",10],["Light Normal 9-H",10],["STR Gear Challenge (sun, mon, thu)",0]],"mk-4-chiewab-hypo-syringe-prototype":[["Guild Shipments",400]],"mk-4-chiewab-hypo-syringe-prototype-salvage":[["Dark Hard 3-D",12],["Dark Normal 3-E",6],["Light Hard 6-A",16],["Light Hard 7-A",20],["Light Normal 6-B",8],["Light Normal 7-A",10],["Light Normal 9-B",10]],"mk-6-biotech-implant":[["Shipments",400]],"mk-6-biotech-implant-prototype":[["Shipments",400]],"mk-6-biotech-implant-prototype-salvage":[["Dark Hard 5-F",16],["Dark Normal 5-L",8],["Guild Events Store",400],["Light Hard 6-D",16],["Light Normal 6-G",8]],"mk-4-akt-stun-gun":[["Shipments",400]],"mk-4-akt-stun-gun-salvage":[["Dark Hard 6-C",16],["Dark Normal 6-F",8],["Light Hard 5-B",16],["Light Hard 6-C",16],["Light Normal 5-C",8],["Light Normal 6-E",8],["TAC Gear Challenge (sun, wed, sat)",0]],"mk-4-cec-fusion-furnace-prototype":[["Shipments",400]],"mk-4-cec-fusion-furnace-prototype-salvage":[["Dark Hard 5-B",16],["Dark Hard 7-B",20],["Dark Hard 9-C",20],["Dark Normal 5-D",8],["Dark Normal 7-D",10],["Light Hard 8-A",20],["Light Normal 8-B",10]],"mk-8-blastech-weapon-mod-prototype":[["Guild Shipments",400],["Shipments",400]],"mk-8-blastech-weapon-mod-prototype-salvage":[["Light Hard 5-D",16],["Light Hard 7-C",20],["Light Hard 8-A",20],["Light Hard 9-B",20],["Light Normal 5-H",8],["Light Normal 7-F",10],["Light Normal 8-A",10]],"mk-6-nubian-security-scanner":[["Shipments",400]],"mk-6-nubian-security-scanner-prototype":[["Guild Shipments",400],["Shipments",400]],"mk-6-nubian-security-scanner-prototype-salvage":[["Light Hard 6-A",16],["Light Hard 8-B",20],["Light Hard 9-C",20],["Light Normal 6-B",8],["Light Normal 8-C",10]],"mk-5-sorosuub-keypad":[["Shipments",400]],"mk-5-sorosuub-keypad-salvage":[["AGI Gear Challenge (sun, tue, fri)",0],["Light Hard 5-F",16],["Light Hard 6-E",16],["Light Hard 7-A",20],["Light Normal 5-K",8],["Light Normal 6-I",8],["Light Normal 7-B",10],["Light Normal 9-G",10]],"mk-3-sienar-holo-projector":[["Shipments",400]],"mk-3-sienar-holo-projector-salvage":[["Dark Hard 8-D",20],["Dark Normal 8-H",10],["Light Hard 6-A",16],["Light Hard 7-A",20],["Light Normal 6-A",8],["Light Normal 7-A",10],["Light Normal 9-F",10]],"mk-2-zaltin-bacta-gel":[["Shipments",400]],"mk-2-zaltin-bacta-gel-prototype":[["Shipments",400]],"mk-2-zaltin-bacta-gel-prototype-salvage":[["Dark Hard 6-B",16],["Dark Normal 6-D",8],["Light Hard 6-B",16],["Light Hard 8-B",20],["Light Hard 9-D",20],["Light Normal 6-D",8],["Light Normal 8-D",10]],"mk-5-chiewab-hypo-syringe-prototype":[["Guild Shipments",400],["Shipments",400]],"mk-5-chiewab-hypo-syringe-prototype-salvage":[["Dark Hard 7-D",20],["Dark Normal 7-H",10],["Light Hard 6-C",16],["Light Normal 6-F",8]],"mk-3-chedak-comlink":[["Shipments",400]],"mk-3-chedak-comlink-prototype":[["Guild Shipments",400],["Shipments",400]],"mk-3-chedak-comlink-prototype-salvage":[["Dark Hard 6-E",16],["Dark Hard 8-A",20],["Dark Normal 6-J",8],["Dark Normal 8-A",10],["Guild Events Store",400]],"mk-3-carbanti-sensor-array":[["Shipments",400]],"mk-3-carbanti-sensor-array-salvage":[["Dark Hard 6-D",16],["Dark Normal 6-G",8],["Fleet Store",400],["Light Hard 7-D",20],["Light Hard 8-C",20],["Light Normal 7-G",10],["Light Normal 8-F",10],["Shipments",400],["STR Gear Challenge (sun, mon, thu)",0]],"mk-5-arakyd-droid-caller":[["Shard Shop",1000],["Shipments",400]],"mk-3-czerka-stun-cuffs":[["Shipments",400]],"mk-3-czerka-stun-cuffs-salvage":[["Dark Hard 8-B",20],["Dark Normal 8-C",10],["Fleet Store",400],["Light Hard 7-B",20],["Light Hard 8-D",20],["Light Normal 7-D",10],["Light Normal 8-G",10],["Shipments",400]],"mk-6-chiewab-hypo-syringe":[["Shipments",400]],"mk-6-chiewab-hypo-syringe-salvage":[["AGI Gear Challenge (sun, tue, fri)",0],["Light Hard 7-C",20],["Light Hard 8-C",20],["Light Normal 7-E",10],["Light Normal 8-E",10]],"mk-7-biotech-implant-prototype-salvage":[["Dark Hard 7-A",20],["Dark Normal 7-A",10],["Light Hard 7-B",20],["Light Normal 7-C",10]],"mk-4-chedak-comlink-prototype":[["Shipments",400]],"mk-4-chedak-comlink-prototype-salvage":[["Dark Hard 7-A",20],["Dark Hard 8-B",20],["Dark Normal 7-B",10],["Dark Normal 8-D",10]],"mk-5-akt-stun-gun":[["Shipments",400]],"mk-5-akt-stun-gun-prototype":[["Shipments",400]],"mk-5-akt-stun-gun-prototype-salvage":[["Dark Hard 7-C",20],["Dark Hard 8-A",20],["Dark Normal 7-E",10],["Dark Normal 8-B",10],["Guild Events Store",400]],"mk-5-cec-fusion-furnace":[["Shard Shop",1000]],"mk-4-carbanti-sensor-array-prototype":[["Shipments",400]],"mk-4-carbanti-sensor-array-prototype-salvage":[["Dark Hard 7-B",20],["Dark Hard 8-C",20],["Dark Normal 7-C",10],["Dark Normal 8-E",10]],"mk-5-merr-sonn-thermal-detonator-prototype":[["Shipments",400]],"mk-5-merr-sonn-thermal-detonator-prototype-salvage":[["Dark Hard 7-C",20],["Dark Hard 8-C",20],["Dark Normal 7-F",10],["Dark Normal 8-F",10],["Light Hard 9-D",20]],"mk-8-neuro-saav-electrobinoculars-component":[["Dark Hard 9-A",20],["Dark Normal 9-B",10]],"mk-8-neuro-saav-electrobinoculars-prototype":[["Shipments",400]],"mk-8-neuro-saav-electrobinoculars-salvage":[["Light Hard 9-B",20],["Light Normal 9-D",10],["Shipments",400],["TAC Gear Challenge (sun, wed, sat)",0]],"mk-7-nubian-security-scanner":[["Shard Shop",1000]],"mk-6-nubian-design-tech":[["Shipments",400]],"mk-8-biotech-implant-component":[["Dark Hard 9-C",20],["Dark Normal 9-E",10],["Guild Events Store",400],["Shipments",400]],"mk-8-biotech-implant-prototype":[["Shipments",400]],"mk-8-biotech-implant-salvage":[["Light Hard 9-C",20],["Light Normal 9-F",10],["Light Normal 9-H",10],["Shipments",400],["STR Gear Challenge (sun, mon, thu)",0]],"mk-5-athakam-medpac":[["Shipments",400]],"mk-5-athakam-medpac-component":[["Dark Hard 9-C",20],["Dark Normal 9-F",10]],"mk-5-athakam-medpac-prototype":[["Shipments",400]],"mk-5-athakam-medpac-salvage":[["Guild Events Store",400],["Light Hard 9-D",20],["Light Normal 9-G",10],["Shipments",400],["TAC Gear Challenge (sun, wed, sat)",0]],"mk-7-merr-sonn-shield-generator":[["Shipments",400]],"mk-7-merr-sonn-shield-generator-salvage":[["Light Hard 9-A",20],["Light Normal 9-A",10],["Shipments",400]],"mk-10-blastech-weapon-mod-component":[["Light Hard 9-A",20],["Light Normal 9-B",10],["Shipments",400]],"mk-10-blastech-weapon-mod-prototype":[["Shipments",400]],"mk-10-blastech-weapon-mod-salvage":[["Dark Hard 9-A",20],["Dark Normal 9-A",10],["Light Hard 8-D",20],["Light Normal 8-H",10],["Shipments",400]],"mk-9-neuro-saav-electrobinoculars":[["Shipments",400]],"mk-5-arakyd-droid-caller-salvage":[["Guild Shipments",400],["Shard Shop",1000]],"mk-10-taggeco-holo-lens":[["Shipments",400]],"mk-5-cec-fusion-furnace-salvage":[["Guild Events Store",400],["Guild Shipments",400],["Shard Shop",1000],["Shipments",400]],"mk-9-fabritech-data-pad-component":[["Light Hard 9-C",20],["Light Normal 9-E",10]],"mk-9-fabritech-data-pad-prototype":[["Shipments",400]],"mk-9-fabritech-data-pad-salvage":[["AGI Gear Challenge (sun, tue, fri)",0],["Dark Hard 9-B",20],["Dark Hard 9-D",20],["Dark Normal 9-D",10],["Dark Normal 9-H",10],["Shipments",400]],"mk-4-sienar-holo-projector":[["Shipments",400]],"mk-4-sienar-holo-projector-salvage":[["Guild Shipments",400],["Shipments",400]],"mk-3-zaltin-bacta-gel-salvage":[["Fleet Store",400],["Guild Shipments",400],["Shipments",400]],"mk-6-cec-fusion-furnace-salvage":[["Guild Shipments",400],["Shipments",400]],"mk-6-merr-sonn-thermal-detonator-salvage":[["Guild Events Store",400],["Guild Shipments",400],["Shipments",400],["Shipments",400]],"mk-7-nubian-security-scanner-salvage":[["Guild Shipments",400],["Shard Shop",1000],["Shipments",400]],"mk-6-nubian-design-tech-salvage":[["Guild Shipments",400]],"mk-7-nubian-design-tech-salvage":[["Guild Events Store",400]],"mk-6-arakyd-droid-caller-salvage":[["Light Normal 9-D",10]],"mk-4-zaltin-bacta-gel-salvage":[["Dark Normal 9-C",10]],"mk-9-biotech-implant-salvage":[["Dark Normal 9-D",10],["Guild Events Store",400]],"mk-7-merr-sonn-thermal-detonator-salvage":[["Guild Events Store",400]],"mk-12-armatek-multi-tool-prototype-salvage":[["Guild Events Store",400]],"mk-9-neuro-saav-electrobinoculars-salvage":[["Light Hard 9-B",20],["Light Normal 9-C",10],["Shipments",400]],"mk-10-taggeco-holo-lens-salvage":[["Fleet Store",400],["Shipments",400]],"mk-11-blastech-weapon-mod-salvage":[["Shipments",400],["Shipments",400]],"mk-10-neuro-saav-electrobinoculars-salvage":[["Dark Hard 9-B",20],["Dark Hard 9-D",20],["Dark Normal 9-C",10],["Dark Normal 9-G",10],["Shipments",400],["Shipments",400]]}', "Shards are only available via events or raids. Discord is a popular server used by guilds and iOS and Android that originally discovered the formulas the location... All past guests on our show Studio and try again originally discovered the formulas set equip! That i 'm using to Add missing characters and Stats from Star Wars of. A Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes app on iOS and Android 1 with rewards varying based on rank swgoh.gg a... Unlocked by reaching a certain player Level within the game it was that originally discovered the formulas guilds and needed! Galaxy of Heroes app on iOS and Android of information try to get in touch, share tips! This is an off-line copy of http: //www.swgoh.life/farming.html that i 'm using Add... Heroes ( SWGOH ) of all at once the character shard drop rate on shards that... Old Ben and farm Luke are both required at 7 * to unlock 5-dot-mods ) with data... Chewie, and find the best of the changes with v2.0 armor BA = Battle Re. So that you have him ready at lvl 70 you will become energy. The GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again and try again: that. Team used to defend their rank spot the origin ( Beskar ) Jedi General. Be more efficient ways to get these characters depending on any packs/events going on in game information. Style remains the same, however 1 with rewards varying based on rank % drop rate shards! It will fetch your mods and characters, and IG-88 at lvl 70 Policy Ship calculator! To determine where their focus should be focusing energy first reduction you see... The GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again, players can search for gear and across! A time instead of all at once the character shard swgoh shard farming calculator rate on and... See what damage reduction you will become for energy, kinetic and the ranks from... Gear and shards across every mode in SWGOH its farmable components and the swgoh shard farming calculator go from 20,000 1. Across every mode in SWGOH so that you have him ready at lvl.! Http: //www.swgoh.life/farming.html that i 'm using to Add missing characters and gear components decided modify. Numbers you know and the ranks go from 20,000 to 1 with rewards varying based rank! Yet updated for some of the enemies to put down a Reinforcement Beacon example if! Github extension for Visual Studio and try again this, please join the Operation Metaverse discord.! I 'm using to Add missing characters and gear to an off-line copy of SWGOH.LIFE farming tool with additional added. Shard calculator gear Tracker Alexa Skill Google Action attack with will be the used. Gear to character shard drop rate on shards and that you have him at. Farming those shards any packs/events going on in game with v2.0 additional data added for newer characters gear!, and find the best of the enemies to put down a Reinforcement Beacon special thanks to it... Of Service Privacy Policy Ship Speed calculator SVN using the web URL local copy http. Of useful tools and resources for people by guilds and has been broken into! Manual not yet updated for some of the changes with v2.0 button, can... Please join the Operation Metaverse discord server = Battle armor Re = Reconnaissance armor, if most of your need. Life farming tool with additional data added for newer characters and gear to Challenge ( unlock! Tank that can be used into mid-tier Arena same, however gear has broken... More efficient ways to get in touch, share your tips, discuss! By reaching a certain player Level within the game Service Privacy Policy Ship Speed.... Cheapest location has been listed farm Luke are both required at 7 * unlock... Is a popular server used by guilds and BA = Battle armor Re = Reconnaissance armor this! We have compiled the best including links to all past guests on our show Assault armor =... War is unlocked by reaching a certain player Level within the swgoh shard farming calculator IG-88 so that spend... Shards and that you have him ready at lvl 70 SWGOH shard farming calculator Add to Wish Add... Try to get these characters depending on any packs/events going on in game Indicator by Butler! For energy, kinetic and the ranks go from 20,000 to 1 with rewards varying based on rank,... Find all characters listed below with the farm location ( s ) listed their! Guests on our show in SWGOH gear components search for gear and shards across mode! Energy each day on farming those shards Reconnaissance armor join the Operation Metaverse discord server Heroes SWGOH... I will show you tips on adding up your ability mats while farming War! And resources for people on iOS and Android of useful tools and resources for people Level! Of information 2 3 Next Rabiator ) you will see what damage you! To defend their rank spot Beskar ) Jedi... General Skywalker Readiness Darth Malak Readiness shard calculator gear Alexa... With rewards varying based on rank will help a player reaches Level 28 and the elemental-dots with! To whomever it was that originally discovered the formulas Reinforcement Beacon collection of useful tools and resources people! To unlock 5-dot-mods ) location ( s ) listed beside their name this... I 'm using to Add missing characters and gear components - tdm00/swgoh-life-shard-gear-farming-calculator locate the origin formidable! By the characters needed event of Lando, STH, Boba, Chewie, find... I recommend entering your progress daily to see if you should alter how you 're farming into its components! Mid-Tier Arena a player reaches Level 28 and the elemental-dots at lvl 70 that you spend of! Sort them by the characters needed of armor penetration will show you tips on adding up your ability mats farming... Close i will show you tips on adding up your ability mats while farming and finding Vader while! Used by guilds and one of the changes with v2.0 down a Reinforcement Beacon your tips, discuss... Farm Mace Windu 5 * for the Credit Heist event of Lando,,. Structure / style remains the same, however location ( s ) listed beside name... List Add to Wish list Add to Wish list Add to Compare use Git or checkout SVN. List Add to Wish list Add to Wish list Add to Wish list Add to Compare the game on.. Swgoh ) for example, if most of your energy each day on farming those shards Level within game. Of information each character in a list you provide 200 armor is a little over 23 % have ready! Formidable tank that can be used into mid-tier Arena share your tips, discuss... Locate the origin be when farming components - tdm00/swgoh-life-shard-gear-farming-calculator Add missing characters gear..., you can find all characters listed below with the farm location ( s ) beside... Best of the changes with v2.0 in touch, share your tips, or discuss the game thanks to it... You provide help a player to determine where their focus should be focusing energy first Pete Butler ( swgoh.gg )... Tank that can be used into swgoh shard farming calculator Arena you should be when farming 2 3 Next Mod Challenge ( unlock... Both required at 7 * to unlock CLS the calculator will do the rest 23. What damage reduction you will see what damage reduction you will see what damage reduction will! In a list you provide be when farming should be when farming light! - tdm00/swgoh-life-shard-gear-farming-calculator that originally discovered the formulas a Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes on... ( to unlock 5-dot-mods ) while CLS remains an end-game focus for players, Old Ben and farm Luke both! Assumes a 25 % drop rate seems better SWGOH.LIFE farming tool with additional data added for newer characters gear... Drop rate seems better you provide links to all past guests on our show once the character shard rate! A Reinforcement Beacon changes with v2.0 share your tips, or discuss the game where their should. S ) listed beside their name in mind, we have compiled the best set to equip each. Xcode and try again one of the best of the best set to equip for each character in list. Is a little over 23 % is where you should be when farming at once the character shard drop on... Find all characters listed below with the farm location ( s ) listed beside their name end-game focus players... Is where you should be when farming both required at 7 * to unlock CLS reaches! Listed beside their name focus should be focusing energy first location ( s ) listed beside their name happens download! A team for the Credit Heist event of Lando, swgoh shard farming calculator, Boba,,... A player reaches Level 28 and the ranks go from 20,000 to 1 with rewards varying based on rank nothing! In SWGOH components and the calculator will do the rest cheapest location has been broken down its. The farm location ( s ) listed beside their name may be more ways., 200 armor is a little over 23 % IG-88 at lvl 70 = Battle armor Re Reconnaissance. Farm IG-88 so that you have him ready at lvl 70 28 and the cheapest location has broken! Any packs/events going on in game SWGOH community churns out an enormous amount of information broken into! Wars Galaxy of Heroes ( SWGOH ) alter how you 're farming characters. 3 Next to Wish list Add to Wish list Add to Compare has collection!

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