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Sikadur Epoxy Repair Kit is a quick setting, two part epoxy mortar which can effect overnight repairs to concrete. H9R 4A9 . 0000006836 00000 n endstream endobj 1168 0 obj <>/Metadata 134 0 R/Pages 1165 0 R/StructTreeRoot 186 0 R/Type/Catalog/ViewerPreferences 1177 0 R>> endobj 1169 0 obj <>/MediaBox[0 0 595.32 841.92]/Parent 1165 0 R/Resources<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Tabs/S/Type/Page>> endobj 1170 0 obj <>stream n Convenient easy mix ratio A:B = 1:1 by volume. 0000111904 00000 n h�b```f``������3�A���b�,o�.n�(���ˏ�X��.�b��ѝ����dw���B&�!j~[WM��f�����g������v~ ���n6뜩����uM~�Kąeg��q�Z~n� 0000013251 00000 n 0000011028 00000 n 0000173092 00000 n Description Sikadur® Crack Fix est une résine époxy à deux composants, à 100 % de matières solides et sans solvant, multi-usage, à basse viscosité, tolérant l’humidité et à haute résistance Domaines d’application Injection sous pression de fissures dans le béton structural, la maçonnerie, le bois, etc. 0000012518 00000 n 0000007726 00000 n 0000017109 00000 n 0000008683 00000 n FIND IN STORE. 0000007118 00000 n n Sikadur Injection Gel fast set is approved for short … 0000013822 00000 n 0000047968 00000 n 0000005670 00000 n 0000009453 00000 n To fill and seal non-structural crack and cavities in structural concrete such as concrete decks, balconies, concrete roof structures, wet room, swimming pool and especially before waterproofing works. 1186 0 obj <>stream Sikadur® Blade Repair Kit-30 Resin Sikadur® Blade Repair Kit-90 Hardener Curing and Sanding At 60°C the filler can be sanded after approximately 1 h In order to achieve a Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT according to ISO 75 Method B) of approximately 70°C a tempering step is necessary (e.g. endstream endobj startxref 0000007091 00000 n 0000177151 00000 n 0000002147 00000 n 0000003315 00000 n Incluye cartuchos bicomponentes para el sellado o calafateo, resina de baja viscosidad para las inyecciones y todos los … 0000207614 00000 n 0000003624 00000 n xref 0000004593 00000 n 0000017275 00000 n 0000173806 00000 n Sikadur® Crack Repair Kit. 0000177597 00000 n Sikadur® Crack Repair Kit 850 42 08 BEGRENSNINGER Minimum alder på betong må være 21-28 døgn, ... SikadurCrackRepairKit-no-NO-(04-2020)-1-1.pdf Produktdatablad Sikadur® Crack Repair Kit April 2020, Versjon 01.01 020205010020000014 6 / 6. %%EOF Sikadur Epoxy Repair Kit 2kg. It conforms to … 875 66 0000186018 00000 n 0000016124 00000 n 1167 0 obj <> endobj 0000001648 00000 n Concrete/Stucco Repair; Sikadur® Crack Fix Gallery. They help to repair concrete defects, improve appearance, restore structural integrity, increase durability and extend the structure’s longevity. 0000143467 00000 n SUPPLIER: SIKA CANADA INC. 601, avenue Delmar . 0000005195 00000 n Sikadur Crackweld Kit is a two component, low viscosity, fast curing epoxy sealing system concrete crack repair and solid masonry, it conforms to ASTM C-881. • MSDS Part A (.pdf) • MSDS Part B (.pdf) NEW Sikadur 55 SLV is a 2-component, 100% solids, moisture-tolerant, epoxy crack healer / penetrating sealer, having a fast tack-free time to minimize downtime. Did this content answer your question? 0 0000003183 00000 n 1176 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<35ED8E55FAC225409B9BE1CA7608184F><5D3036965BDA4444A717778A28053428>]/Index[1167 20]/Info 1166 0 R/Length 68/Prev 1397259/Root 1168 0 R/Size 1187/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream Avant toute utilisation et mise en œuvre, veuillez toujours consulter la fiche de données techniques actuelles des produits utilisés. 0000173644 00000 n Grey in colour, Sikadur® Epoxy Repair Kit has a trowellable consistency and gives a smooth finish. 1/2 Sikadur® Crack Fix LOW-VISCOSITY AND HIGH-STRENGTH EPOXY RESIN INJECTION RESIN, SEALER AND ADHESIVE Description Sikadur® Crack Fix, is a two-component, 100 % solids and solvent-free, moisture-tolerant, low-viscosity, and high-strength multi-purpose epoxy resin. Sikadur® Crack Repair Kit Août 2020, Version 01.02 020205010020000014 FICHE TECHNIQUE DU PRODUIT Sikadur® Crack Repair Kit Système de réparation pour les fissures DESCRIPTION DU PRODUIT Kit de réparation pour les petites fissures dans le bé-ton avec mortier d'étanchéité et résine d'injection, in-cl. Sikadur® Injectokit TH PRE-PACKAGED THIXOTROPIC EPOXY CRACK INJECTION SYSTEM DESCRIPTION The Sikadur® Injectokit TH system consists of a thixo-tropic two part epoxy crack injection resin contained in a patented single cartridge, with injection nipples, hoses, air release pins, and stirring rods also available. Sika concrete repair mortars are suitable for restoration work, repair of spalling and damaged concrete in all types of structures including buildings, bridges, infrastructure and super-structures. 0000005421 00000 n 0000185394 00000 n £189.72 £155.40 per box . Sikadur Crack Fix is meant for horizontal applications only. trailer 0000178139 00000 n 0000172622 00000 n 0000137602 00000 n It is a super low-viscosity, high-strength adhesive formulated specifically for sealing both dry and damp cracks. �iv� a8!Ӽ�@����f �������R���� X��X�P����T� K�`6�`q�`�` @�9DP�0�t-i��{�P+cYm�ف�����j �R��d���c`d( ���G>Y�ú�A�' Hs10�Mib`9 �:D��\�7 �w- We used the SikaFix Injection Repair Kit to repair a crack in our basement wall. 0 0000000016 00000 n Suitable for internal and external use. Sikadur® Crack Repair Kit is for repairing and sealing of small / minor cracks in concrete and masonry. Product Data Sheet Sikadur®-52 January 2021, Version 03.01 Sikadur® Crack Weld Crack Injection Kit Description Two component, low viscosity, fast curing epoxy sealing system for repairs to cracks in concrete and solid masonry. 0000003041 00000 n USES Suitable for indoor and outdoor use Can be trowelled to a feather edge Simple to mix. 0000002347 00000 n 940 0 obj <>stream h�b```�z�B A� & U�gWeAEU�a�&���&%m��ctsX�������Pe��ƷT�{&�ZTȋ���o����y���t�[{�kxZJJ���kx �L����(�ɮO)�@��î@ Easy application. Posted February 13, 2021 by Sika Expert. 0000009987 00000 n Sikadur® Crack Repair Kit Mayo 2020, Versión 01.01 020205010020000014 HOJA DE DATOS DEL PRODUCTO Sikadur® Crack Repair Kit SISTEMA DE REPARACIÓN DE GRIETAS EN CONCRETO DESCRIPCION DEL PRODUCTO Sikadur® Crack Repair Kit es un kit que sirve para repa-rar y sellar grietas pequeñas o menores en el concreto y la mampostería. 0000208055 00000 n Sikadur-52 is a solvent free, two component, low viscosity liquid based on high strength epoxy resins. 0000004116 00000 n h޼�mk�0ǿ�ޏ��ӓ�� ־X�:(}�&5�vH��~��OJ�&�F6F1�����|?E��Z�(�cYW@F% Sikadur Concrete Crack Injection Kit-432903 - The Home Depot 0000017179 00000 n The Sikadur Crack Weld Kit is a two component, low viscosity, fast curing epoxy sealing system for repairs to cracks in concrete and solid masonry. 0000173574 00000 n PRODUCT: Sikadur® Crack Fix PART A REVISION DATE: October 18, 2012 . Pointe Claire, QC . Sikadur® Crack Repair Kit template for local adaption 02 2020, 01 850 42 08 3/27 1 INTRODUCTION This Method Statement is written as a guideline for the use of the Sikadur® Crack Repair Kit. Sikadur® Crack Fix. 0000137253 00000 n P280 Wear protective gloves/ protective clothing/ eye protection/ face protection. 0000015114 00000 n 0000002506 00000 n Convenient easy to … USAGE: Low-Viscosity and High-Strengh Epoxy Resin Injection . 0000178054 00000 n Kit Sikadur® Crack Repair SYSTÈME DE RÉPARATION POUR LE BÉTON ET LA MAÇONNERIE MASSIVE SIKA SCHWEIZ AG Tüffenwies 16 CH-8048 Zurich Contact Téléphone +41 58 436 40 40 . Sikadur® Crack Repair Kit es un kit que sirve para reparar y sellar grietas pequeñas o menores en el concreto y la mampostería. with cartridges that fit standard caulking dispensers. Sika® Crack Injection 01.05.2018, Version 3 N°: 85002070702 10/16 11 INJECTION The technician should be carefully watching three points of reference: The crack/packer Resin flowing out of the work face The pressure line For pump pulsations indicating resin flow. 875 0 obj <> endobj Sikadur® CrackFix Part B Revision Date 03/15/2017 Print Date 03/15/2017 2 / 11 P270 Do not eat, drink or smoke when using this product. 0000177424 00000 n 0000014595 00000 n n Excellent lubricity for deep penetration. Where to Use Low pressure injection of cracks in structural concrete, masonry, wood, etc. 0000047705 00000 n EMERGENCY TELEPHONE NUMBER: CANUTEC (collect) (613) 996-6666. faces, Sikadur® Epoxy Repair Kit bonds tenaciously to concrete, masonry and non-vibrating steel, allowing a hard durable repair to be made without delay. Where to Use n Low pressure injection of cracks in structural concrete and solid masonry. 0000185654 00000 n ... Sika Concrete Crack Repair 250ml. h�bbd```b``N����dX,� "y�IF~Oy?H��������E$�A���o�� W� P281 Use personal protective equipment as required. 0000007145 00000 n Concrete/Stucco Repair. Sikadur® Crack Repair Kit is an epoxy resin based injection repair system for concrete and solid masonry – suitable for walls and floors. 0000010166 00000 n After mixing it becomes a deeply penetrative liquid with strong adhesive qualities. A two-component, epoxy resin adhesive used to fill non-moving cracks in structural concrete and masonry. Gravity feed crack – pour Sikadur®-20 Crack Seal into vee-notched crack/ cavities/ tile joint until completetly filled Finishing Application To get flat surface on repair area, it needs finishing application as following: o Repair on concrete: Mix component A+B Sikadur®-20 Crack Seal then add cement as filler Fast repair. Repair floor tile joint for leakage treatment at wet room. startxref %PDF-1.4 %���� Yes No. 0000005309 00000 n Construction n High-modulus, high-strength, structural-paste adhesive. 0000112003 00000 n Five times stronger than concrete. We are pleased to present our Sikadur® Crack Repair Kit, a new concrete repair system for concrete and solid masonry walls and floors based on epoxy-resin injection. Can Sikadur Crack Fix be used for vertical applications? 0000013224 00000 n TDG CLASSIFICATION: Not regulated WHMIS Classification: D2B 0000137900 00000 n 0000011829 00000 n 0000172552 00000 n 0000079201 00000 n n Paste consistency ideal for vertical and overhead grouting of cracks. P272 Contaminated work clothing must not be allowed out of the workplace. The cracks that cross the thickness of the slabs must be sealed on the un-derside, for example, with Sikadur® 31. %PDF-1.7 %���� Response Text if Yes. It in-cludes a 2- part polyester surface crack sealer, 2- part low viscosity epoxy Injection resin and all the neces-sary accessories needed for the application. Cracks in horizontal slabs: Saturate the cracks with a brush or fill by gravity pour-ing Sikadur®-52 between two dikes made, for ex-ample, with Sikaflex® sealant. 0000207351 00000 n b��41"��Д�G=vOO�^/��y��/뾩D�z�l���y�z(y�������xї}%����f�b��Wm/�Sr�cqU����-���SU/��֤�f'ʬ)kAFκ������(�q��Oܤ�Y�T�K@��״t^>Tr4�L��㲩oWuZ����R�s����]�]�}�� �Wნڪ^��J~�d�D�kc�j��#SJ؂?���!���S�a|Lc�=V8���Hx턍QX|yOZxC)�Bꈌ��z�N�Q#g)���ź�#�Wђ���_���ې�:�|�E�w&l��N�5��[d8s�. 0000013087 00000 n 0000079624 00000 n Sikadur ® Blade Repair Kit-30 and -90 1 / 2 Additional Product Information for the Wind Turbine Industry Version 2 (11 / 2012) Sikadur® Blade Repair Kit-30 and -90 Structural Laminate Repair of Wind Turbine Blades E C Apply product within 2 h after pre-treatment Surface Pretreatment Surface must be clean, dry and free from grease, oil and dust. Did this content answer your question? This document must be used and referred to, in combination with all other relevant Product Data Sheets (PDS), Safety Data Sheets n Excellent adhesion to masonry, concrete, wood, steel and most structural materials. 0000079893 00000 n <<07796C229B316B47AAA30B11D164B870>]/Prev 405876/XRefStm 2147>> �\&���$ d�@aPRq��� P s����@��� �_��,Fi�K���"��3)2Y2. Construction Sikadur® Crack Fix Low-viscosity, high-strength epoxy sealing system Description Sikadur Crack Fix is a 2-component, 100% solids, moisture-tolerant, low-viscosity, high-strength, multi-pur- pose, epoxy resin adhesive. %%EOF Conforms to ASTM C-881. for 2-3 h at 80°C) 0000006241 00000 n Crack Injection Kit - 30' Repair Kit For Wall Repair, Foundation repair, Basement, Pool, concrete & Crack Repair Epoxy crack Filler For Eliminating Leakage Of Water RCP USA Concrete Crack Repair Kit to Reinforce up to 25 feet of Basement, Garage, Pool Cracks | A MUST for All Poured Concrete Walls and Floors, 12", Black with grey epoxy (RCF-30SK)

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