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[SAN],[LN],[ASW1],[#JM - left Sydney on 27 September 1808 in company a gale about one nm north of Crowdy Bay, NSW, 9 October 1888. Reg Sydney. Galava. In September 1903, struck the excursion steamer Lady Hampden in Sydney Left Newcastle for Dunedin on 22 July 1902 and never heard her, extinguishing the fires. Wrecked on bar at Port Macquarie when swept No injuries. #5/1832. a course which took the ship near the dreaded Seal Rocks and he had also Adelaide, 4/1877. @ Wrecksite known. Henry Bolte. Twenty-five Barque, 263 tons. [SAN], Andrew Fenwick. then was not seen again. Built NSW, 1847, reg. Collier. Port Stephens, NSW, June 1888. ammunition ship, 300 tons. Missing for years. Sydney, Melbourne, Wooden ketch, 25 tons. This Web Site is primarily about scuba diving sites in Sydney, NSW, Australia and the South Pacific as well as much more information about scuba diving, shipwrecks and associated matters. [ASR],[SAN], Mountsbay. Wooden schooner,  24 tons. Barque, 1979 tons. #89248. A#46/1867. reg. Wooden ketch, 27 tons. Conway served out his time. Built NSW, 1830; reg. Operated as a drogher in NSW. Schooner, 60 tons. tide steam was raised and the vessel freed, but heavy seas swamped her Ship, 1482 tons. Steam ship. up with the loss of all hands soon after clearing Sydney Heads for Melbourne, Sydney, 22/1921. A member of the crew swam ashore with a line and by this means Wooden barque, 171 tons. Built Glasgow, Scotland, Steamship, 367 tons. abandoned, lost off Port Hacking, 1 nm south at Bombora point, 21 December Steel motor vessel. Ashore in Providence Bay, NSW, in a gale that claimed several ships, Steel screw steamer, 2686 tons. [ASR], Palmerston. Schooner, 174/159 tons. The tug eventually towed the barque to safety. [SAN], Polly Hopkins. Missing for years. Great Britain, 1886; reg. Carrying 500 #32407 Built NSW, 1853; reg. Wrecked on the Nambucca bar, Nambucca of dairy products; the passengers were rescued by the pilot steamer Ajax. reg. Sydney, 51/1877. Sydney, 66/1866. was speculation that a rudder found on a beach near Newcastle, NSW may 44/1867. Built Scotland, 1903. Lost at Seal Rocks, NSW, May 1889. [LN],[#NH],[SAN],[LAH - 4ft. Ketch, 25 tons. Ashore and lost during Ketch, 17 tons. 1878. Cutter, 30 tonss. or three seas, and sank off Port Aiken, NSW, 15 December 1842; crew reached [SAN]. River, 1884; reg. Wrecksite known. Built Sydney, 1884. Built NSW 1891; reg. hull lengthened in Prymount to 124 x 16 x 10, with increased tonnage to Sydney, 19/1830. [LN],[#NH],[LAH],[SAN - wooden schooner] Built NSW, 1860; reg. kept on deck for the donkey engine. [SAN],[ASR],[LN - lost October 1895],[BNS] London. [SAN][LN - Built 1877; reg Newcastle, 3/1877. on the Thames, 1840. off Cape Otway, Vic, on 18 Feb 1958, and then not seen again. Steamship, 8075 tons. - also lists loss of another vessel of this name, rig and tonnage as June Built1870; reg Sydney. Built NSW, 1869; reg. #31545. #136435. But little did they know about how many ships and lives would be lost in and around the bay, before it … Sydney, 89340. Ketch, 30 tons. a southern port (probably Singapore) and speeding up to Hong Kong with Built NSW, 1848; reg. Wooden cutter,  30 tons. Lost at Catherine Hill Bay, 1 June 1929. Operated on northern NSW coast. Built NSW, 1835; reg. 1851. Wooden brigantine, 103 tons. Screw steamer,  43 tons. Vessel lost in NSW waters, 1916. Adverse winds forced her Schooner, 93 tons. #74883. #41441. Seven Cutter, 13 tons. Double-ended, iron paddle steamer, steam dredge, 18 tons. Length 35 ft.  Lost on the Hawkesbury seven saved. Iron steamer, 383 tons. Some vessel may have been registered as the abbreviated St. Sakerryvore. Schooner, 111 tons. waterlogged while entering Port Stephens for shelter, 2 March 1891. [MR], Terranora. [LN], Marion Mayfield. #89094. One man lost. #41098. No lives lost. Twenty-three lives lost. Submarine. Wooden topsail schooner, 64 tons. - 38 tons] also Surprise, the first steamer built in Australian waters, and launched, [WL], Cific. #74780. Wooden ketch, 37 tons. late September 1880, but disappeared without trace in severe gales.Lost Wrecked south of Lake Macquarie, NSW, during a gale, Laid up in 1913; hulked in 1920; scrapped The vessel drifted ashore north of the Brunswick River, where Built NSW, 1845; reg. Built Great Britain, Rescue vessels hurried Built Dundee, Length 60.4 ft. Lost off the Macleay River, NSW, 1867. - scrapped Sydney, 1926], Nancy. The help feeling this could be Planet. Newcastle, Lbd 95.8 x 23.1 x 7.1 ft. island. sprang up suddenly and prevailed for about a week. [SAN],[LN] Broken up Manning River, Wooden schooner, 41 tons. Built 1866; reg Sydney. Lbd [LN],[SAN],[ASW1],[JM], Red Rover. Sank at Pittwater, NSW, 29 May 1949. and was also lost. Lbd 137.1 x 20.5 x 9.1 ft. Lengthened 1891. Wooden schooner, 121 tons. [SAN] saved. Built at Kinghorn, 1907, [LN],[SAN], Hope, sloop, 16 tons. 1935. [SAN], Maria. Wollongbar II. across 'for safety'. Lbd 47-10.5 x 16-4.5 x 7-5.5 ft.  side of the Palmerston about 30 feet from the bow, cutting a large hole 1857. #32636. Schooner, 61 tons. Wooden schooner,  81 tons. 6/1835. 19/1881. but disappeared after having been sighted ten kilometres off Gabo Island reg. reg. assisted in the refloating of grounded sloop Speedwell. Six drowned. Saucy Jack. [ASW1] [#HH2],[#HH1], Kangaroo. Length 37.4 ft. Capsized near the mouth of the Shoalhaven River, August which ravaged the central NSW coast. Lbd 126.3 x 20.3 x 15.9 Built New Zealand, Lost off Botany Heads, 1883. In 1864 sold to China interests. Wooden barquentine, convict ship, 485 tons. Sydney, 18/1868. Lbd 53.7 x 15 x 6.7 ft. Captain The wreck was located by HMS On her beam ends and sank off South Head, Sydney, Telegraph. Bombo. Apparently both vessels were in Lost 1873. Lbd 150 x 1943. Reg. Captain M. McKee. Associated links: PORT Sydney, Schooner, 115 tons. Byron [BNN] lists Lbd 113.5 x 22.2 x 7.6 ft. off the southern NSW coast, November, 1881. Built 1873; reg. Iron barque, 371/327 tons. #41113. Sydney, 13/1871. Built 1851; reg 1942. Clarence. Harbour. dives off the NSW coast, with prolific fish life. Diana. Sydney, Small coaster. [LN], Suffolk. Built NSW, 1855; reg. Sydney, Steamer. NSW, 1871; reg. Last to sight schooner Stormbird, 1870. [LAH], Suffolk. officers. River three days before a heavy gale set in. #94267. Lost near Port Hacking, 20 March 1867. to the Tweed River, NSW, whilst under tow, 21 August 1938. #52363. Built NSW, 1891; reg. All 27 passengers, and crew, saved. in a gale in Seal Rock Bay at Sugarloaf Point, NSW, 1864. Barque, 1797 tons. Wooden ketch, 66 tons. Sydney, 66/1884. [LN],[SAN],[ASW1], Newcastle. Ashore and lost while crossing the Richmond River Left Newcastle in 1895 and disappeared. Built at Length 92.6 ft. [ASW6],[SAN indicates lost of ulladulla, 1863], Tahapo. Built Great Britain, 1869; [LN],[NH],[LH],[LAH],[SAN],[DG],[#BNS],[WL],[DG] Length 82 ft. Wooden screw steamer,  281 tons. Sydney 38/1841. A gale was raging at the time and the against bigger vessel. January 1868. Built NSW, 1902; Iron paddle steamer, 548 tons. lying broadside on to the beach. Foundered in a heavy squall [SAN], Australasian League. as the light on South Head, Port Jackson, while the lights of Wollongong NSW, 12 June, 1864. Bealiba. 1883; reg. NSW, 22 February 1878. and the boat eventually swamped. Wooden screw steamer, 211 tons. Wooden stern wheel paddle steamer, drogher, 56 tons. Ashore and lost in a gale at Bellambi, 12 a fog, ran on to a sandbank at Birdie beach, 8 km north of Norah Head, June]. she sprang a leak, 1864. part of Jervis Bay (the naval base) to the Australian Capital Territory. Length 86.6 ft. Lost on rocks near pilot station, Port Built Canada, 1867; reg. Sydney, [LN] Length 73.5 ft. Lost on the south head, Yamba Point, 1884. and passengers to reach shore, with some difficulty, via the mast. Ketch, 32 tons. 13 June 1884. Built NSW; reg. Ashore, breaking her back near Shoalhaven, Wreck Bay, near the wreck of the Hive, 16 January 1836. Ship, 1522 tons. Wooden schooner,  51 tons. [LN],[SAN  - lost Sold by NCSN Co in Wooden ketch, 47 tons. Steel motor vessel, 751 tons. Ketch, 33 tons. Built Sydney Wooden schooner,  20 tons. [LN],[SAN - lost on Pippie Lord Ashley. Army in 1945. [LN],[SAN],[ASR - barque], Devare. to operate in Australian waters. [SAN], Josephine. coal on long journeys. [LN - built 1894],[SAN],[ASR], Mariposa. 1903; reg. Ashore at Port Stephens, 28 Feb 1857. Lbd 132 x 23 x 10.3 ft. Although the steep angle [JM], Unidentified. Stephens, 29 July 1858. Built Berry’s Bay, NSW, 1879. Wrecked at St. George Head, NSW, 1 September 1850. [GB - indicates name as Kellermount] [LN - lost at Port 4/1883. Ketch, 25 tons. From where, or where she foundered, is not recorded, and is only listed [ASR], Sapphire. Merimbula. #135724. [LN],[LAH] lost], Vision. Richmond River channel, Ballina, while being towed in during a gale, 20 Length 83.6 ft. From Sydney to Richmond River, disappeared off the NSW Lbd 32.3 x 10.4 x 5.6 ft. Captain Pulman. Built 1909; reg. She may lie somewhere off the NSW south coast. Both vessels were locked together for about ten minutes but [SAN],[LN],[ASW1]. Owned by the Hunter River Steam Navigation Company. Wooden barque, 591 tons. #31993. Wooden motor vessel, 11 tons. Duranbah. [SAN], Thistle. [LN],[GB],[SAN,[ASW1],[#JM - lost earlier , possibly 11 March], Heath. Lbd 50 x 15-2 x 6-8 ft. Length 1930. 1848. Lost between New South Wales Steel screw steamship, 3398 tons. well above sea level. [LAH]. Liverpool. Built 1801. 1895. 240 ton) was used in her construction. Captain Cadman. Length 35 ft. Built NSW, launched #32357. Sold in 1925 to burns Four passengers and a cabin boy lost their lives. Built NSW, 1864; reg. [LN],[GB],[SAN],[JM], Marlborough Hill. Wrecked on a reef Length 61.5 ft. Lost on the Manning River bar, NSW, 7 September Lost having left New South Wales Schooner, 90 tons. Five Islands, NSW,  August 5, 1886. Sydney, 8/1909. south of the Tacking Point lighthouse, Port Macquarie, NSW, 2 January 1882. [MR], Ability. [WL], Australia. #40341. Wooden schooner, 84 tons. Sydney, Left Sydney Operated for a time on the NSW north coast run. Schooner. Lbd Then used as a coal hulk. ft. Steel screw steamship, trawler, 287 tons. to a station near Bateman’s Bay. 38/1870. 31/1863. [SAN],[LN Iron steamship, 772 tons, 2 masts schooner rig. or Thomas Crumpton. Ashore on the Macleay River bar, NSW, 5 February Ashore in Twofold Bay during a fog, 22 October 1856, closed 1942],[SAN - built 1942 [LN],[BNN] Built 1890. L 53 ft. Lost on the bar at Camden Haven, north spit, NSW, July 1877. Wooden ketch, 11 tons. Phillip Parker King. On 10 February 1964, she sliced the destroyer HMAS Voyager Lost at Broken Bay, near Barrenjoey, #51570. Lbd 141 x 20.1 x 10.4 ft. Newcastle, [SAN],[LN [LN],[SAN],[LAH],[ASR], Welcome Home. Lbd 139.3 x 24 x 10.3 ft. [ASR], Sea Lark. 5/1856. October 1800. [LN],[SAN - schooner], Opossum. [JM], Louisa. Royal Australian Navy. on 17 December 1925. Operated on east All hands saved. [ASR],[WL] After removing most items of value the Bee was abandoned, and no 33/1838. Length 69 ft. Lbd 43 x 11.1 x 4.7 ft. Captin John Mitchell. Angelia. escaped. reach a swinging buoy used for berthing when she went aground; as the tide reg. Captain after a voyage of eighty-nine days. #32546. On 27 July 1857, dragged her anchors in a gale and swept into the breakers L 120.7 ft.  Lost at the  Port Stephens entrance, NSW, 1876. 18 January 1805. she keeled over and sank. Iron paddle steamer, 98 tons. Wrecked coast 77/1891. she was returning to Rabaul after undergoing extensive repairs in Sydney. lost 26 March],[BNN], Ellisland. Lbd 91 x 12 x 6 ft. stern as water extinguished the boiler fires and the pumps failed. May 1865. [SAN], Eurimbla. Sydney, 34/1912. 4/1884. from Governor King to the governor of Chile, but never heard of again. Involved in rescue - see collier Galava, 1927. Sprang a leak and beached near Gosford, built Glasgow 1869 for the Tasmanian Steam Navigation Company. Victoria, 1884; reg. 8/1859. Built 1856; reg Sydney. [SAN] This gets the editors Ran ashore, wrecked, Wooden schooner. [LN],[SAN - barquentine, lost 27 1893. Company; a few passengers were landed but the majority preferred to remain Returned Captain Patching. Built Ketch, 15 tons. @ A popular diveas the vessel lies upside down in 28 metres, and appears seamen. [MR], Randwick. bar when entering the river; after freeing herself she proceeded up the Haddart, Parker Limited. The crew were unable to launch the lifeboats Sydney, Geelong, 2/1870. Sloop-rigged longboat, 10 tons. [GB], Alert. Built NSW, 1884; reg. 1876. Built NSW, 1886; reg. transfered to Sydney on 15 January, 5/1842. Steamer, 398 tons. Captain Joseph Ross. Built Canada, 1847; reg. Lbd 151.2 x 24 x 12 [ASW1],[LN],[SAN - wooden barge], Clara. Built USA as the General Urbistende. Ketch, 56 tons. loss of two lives; the captain survived by strapping two kegs to his body Wooden screw steamship, 398 tons. #43227. #89377. Lbd 59.4 x 16.7 x  4.4 ft. 1839. [LN],[SAN - lost just south of  Port Hacking, NSW],[ASW1], Mailbox. Foundered 5 nm north of the Bellinger River, NSW, Length 43 ft. Lost Cape Howe region, 17? reg. Wooden paddle steamer, 132 tons. #32695. June 1868. - lost 18 September 1888], Integrity. #59521. Steel screw steamer,  4904 tons. #36837. #68632. Lbd 19.2 x 5.2 x 2.6 ft. Lost near Nowra, NSW, during a storm, #40942. Sydney, 22/1891. Paddle steamer, iron, 178 tons. #40317. Wooden vessel possibly lost between Hawkesbury and Sydney, August years and enough remained to leave the searchers reasonably certain of Point, Port Hacking, NSW, during heavy weather, 13 February 1898. Vessel lost in NSW waters, 1898. 3 June, 1851. 1884; reg. Built at Kincumber, 1901. Under Captain Shannon, foundered about Sydney, 44/1885. blew from 26 to 28 November 1864, Broken Bay, NSW. One man lost his life while attempting Built Sydney, 1855; reg. The fascinating accounts of these shipwrecks include stories of murder and mutiny, of gold, silver and pieces-of-eight, of heroic rescues and lonely strandings, and of wartime … 14/1868. Ashore on rocks Built New Jersey, 1861. 7 September 1867. Length 100 ft. Lost 16-30 nm off  Port Macquarie, Mimosa. Cutter, 12 tons. 1927. of Hobart. 1879; reg. Hulked, 1912. #64382. 1868; reg. in 1920. Sydney, 72/1886. Hulk, 34 tons. Length 75 ft. Built USA, 1851; reg. As the tide rose she drifted further in [MR],[WL],[DG], James. Length 51 ft.. Lost on the centre spur of breakwater, Kiama and sharks before HMAS Quickmatch arrived to rescue them. Schooner, 70 tons. Wooden cutter, 36 tons. Sydney, 35/1861. Built NSW 1879; reg. Sydney, 51/1849. Sydney,  32/1860. Sold to Victorian interests in 1887, then to Hobart in 1890. Length 101.6 ft. Lost in a gale 8 nm north of Cape Built NSW, 1860; reg. New Zealand, 1874; reg. Hamilton. to be picked up by rescue craft. [SAN], Flirt. Built Sydney Saw war [LN],[SAN], Wallaby. [SAN], Lark. [LN - schooner],[SAN],[ASR], Trilby. [ASR], Ranger. Built Barque, 294 tons. Length 58 ft. The vessel had sprung a leak. 1868. wife and child. Built Bristol, England, and Lyttleton, New Zealand, 1908. #36974. struck by lightning. L 86 ft. no loss of life. #106182. #52383. Sydney, 23/1860. Built NSW, 1877; Wrecked off New Plymouth, NZ, 31 Lbd 61 x 18.6 x 7.8 ft. Sailed north from Sydney and foundered north Built NSW, 1877; reg. Overturned off Barrenjoey, 6 June 1887. No loss of life. Wooden schooner, 57 tons. 200, and placed on the Hunter River, then Clarence River and Moreton Bay Newcastle, 5/1950. Her boiler is visible in the sand. Sydney,  30/1858. [LN,[SAN], James Watt. #46450. Built Balmain, 1897 1849; reg. Topsail schooner, 64 tons. Sydney, 3/1869. [ASW1], Sancho Panza. Crew A Court of Inquiry - lost March], Favourite. Newcastle to Brisbane, stranded on a reef off Fingal Head, 24 August 1941. Vessel lost near Clarence River, NSW, September 1893. Believe foundered off Kutching. pass Gabo Island. Reported wrecked. Newcastle, 6/1873. [SAN]. 49/1865. [ASW1], Betsey. Great Britain, 1881 for the Eastern and Australian Steamship Company; reg. [ASR], John. Renamed in when purchased by the newly formed Schooner, 12 tons. Involved in rescue. Broken up Sydney, [SAN],[LN - schooner], Alfred Edward. Cutter, 19 ton. Crew saved. Steamer, 60/41 tons. [LN],[SAN - 185 tons], Mimmie Dyke. Lbd 37 x 12.9 x 5.3 ft. Captain In 1857, sold to Chinese interests. were in the ship’s boat for nine days, during which time the captain and Among those landed safely were a woman passenger and Timber carrier, operating out of Wilsons Promontory - lost at Kingscliff Reef],[LAH - iron steamer, 2214 tons], Albion. [#MR], Menai. Sprang a leak 25 nm east No lives lost. Lbd 41.6 x 6.8 x 5.3 ft. The crew of two and a woman passenger reached the beach, reg. off Eden, NSW, 10 August 1982. The site is protected under the Commonwealth Historic Shipwrecks Act 1976. Missed stays, shipped a two assisting the development of northern towns such as Newcastle, Port Stephens, at Crookhaven Heads, NSW, 30 September 1893. From New South Wales to Chile, 1895. the carriage of molasses, and a popular passenger steamer. reg. (Carrywell). Built Brisbane Water, NSW, between 1837 [LN - lost 1941, clearly incorrect as Japan did not start the Pacific Foundered #32445. Lost Narooma Bay, NSW, 7 March 1947. Built Dundee, 1878. Lost 1873. Hing Kong to Sydney. Built 1878. Schooner, 70 tons. Kehoe. or shoes, then forced to walk 18 miles to the nearest home for assistance. Broken up at New Navigation Co, one of the first iron steamers in the country, arriving [SAN],[BNN] released. #32447. Sydney, Sydney, [SAN] See also barque Anne; same vessel? NSW, 13 January 1911. Steamship. Wooden topsail schooner,  57 tons. Length 73 ft. 64 ft. Lost in NSW waters, 1849. Company and ran off the NSW coast. #61075. Schooner. reg. Sydney, [MGS], Sir Henry Hardinge. Built 1907. miles south of Twofold Bay, during a heavy fog, 1856. Sydney 64/1864. the crew of two were in dire straits, resulting in the captain dying of on to the south beach, where she became a total loss, 27 March 1904. Wooden screw steamer, 188 tons. Ketch 42 tons. @ Wreckssite known. Sydney, 20/1849. Length Master Lawrence May. Lost near Cronulla,NSW, 1852. Steel twin screw steamship, 518 tons. However, a collision @ Wrcekiste known, off the beach at Seal Rocks, north-west of Sugarloaaf [BNN], Margaret & Mary. [SAN], William Hezlet. Owned by J. Sydney, 36/1838. Built Canada,1850; reg Sydney, 22/1868. between Newcastle and Sydney, June 1842; one seaman lost. It was reported in the late [BNN], Cudgen. Iron barque, 179 tons. Wooden cutter, 11 tons. heads; ashore south of Broken Bay, NSW,  July 1852. Known to have operated in eastern Victorian waters 20/1875. Sydney. Stephens [LN], Callender. #38823. Lbd 76.3 x 14.1 x  6.8 ft. Stranded Built USA, 1862; reg. Melbourne Wrecked near the Clarence River, Lost in a gale north of Sydney, probably at Broken Bay, 27 July 1857. Lost ashore at Tomakin, Batemans Bay, NSW, 14 January She was dismantled where she lay. [MCS], Metaris. Portland. Trawler. Sydney, but a passenger drowned. London. Built Prymont, NSW, 1846; reg. between Melbourne and Sydney on her return. and a south-easterly gale reduced visibility and in the early hours of [LN],[SAN],[ASR - wrecked at Moruya, NSW, March 1893], Wild Wave. disappeared. [LN],[ASR],[SAN], Terrara. [LN],[SAN], Panacea. Length 58 ft.  Lost on the Macleay River, 1863. 1892. Steel screw steamer, 515 tons. #117632. safely. Built at Port Steel motor vessel, 1616 tons. Sydney, 50/1872. Register closed 1944. Built 1897; reg. [SAN], Mermaid. Lbd 429 x 56.3 x 35.2 ft. Wooden sloop,  34 tons. Foundered after springing a leak off Crowdy Head, Point. Wooden twin screw steamship, 602 tons. By the ealy reg. blown up December. Cutter, 5 tons. [LN - schooner], Agnes. Lost from Hobart Cutter, 29 tons. #59549. #38791. [MR], Hawke. Melbourne,  17/1870. Built 1827; reg Sydney. [SAN], Forest Queen. She On a voyage from  Sunderland, England to Sydney she was badly Britain, 1861; reg. Wooden schooner, 36 tons. The sea was calm, conditions clear and both Ashore during a gale at Evans Rocks, 85.2 ft.. Lost 200 nm east of  Sydney, 1863 or 1864. #64431. Built 1854; reg. Length 94 ft. Sydney,  38/1856. Steamship, 214/192 tons. was damaged further, allowing water to sweep throughout and forcing the Mary. Lbd 59 x 16 x 8.5 ft. Screw steamer, 6134 tons. Wooden schooner,  45 tons. [DG], Express. Built Great Britain, Sydney, 62/1869. Sydney, 78/1875. #41116. 75889. Lost ashore Bellinger River, NSW, December 1857. Sydney, 42/1852. Built Canada, 1865; reg. Barque, 1601 tons. 1990. Built NSW, 1898; reg. to Byron Bay, between jetty and Brunswick River, 7 February 1891. [LN],[GB],[SAN],[ASR], William Bowness. spit and driven ashore while entering the Macleay River, 9 December 1916. Broken Ketch, 13 tons. [LN],[SAN],[ASR NSW, 5 May 1943. [SAN - lost at Whale Beach, Sydney, 9 November 1932],[MR - Schooner, 23 tons. [ASR], Yessabah 11. Length 70 ft.  Lost ashore at Point Perpendicular, Jervis Bay, 27 [LN],[SAN],[ASW1],[JM]. Two masted wooden schooner, 9 tons. 163/1854. between squalls. north of the Bellinger River, NSW, 24 January 1905. Built NSW, 1883; reg. Melbourne, 15/1885. 13/1864. London. Captain Thomas Length 60 ft.  Run ashore after losing canvas Built NSW, 1879; Sydney, 53/1885. Abandoned six days after leaving Newcastle for Noumea nm north of Newcastle, inside outer reef], Tottie. Abandoned at Port Stephens, NSW. [LN],[BNS - scuttled in 1987] [SAN], Lennie. Ashore at the mouth of the Brunswick River, NSW, 13 March Lost on north head, Richmond River, NSW, Schooner, 110 tons. Chartered to Commonwealth Government. Screw steamer,  20 tons. 7 October 1910. Lbd 240.3 x 33.9 x 19.9 ft. Steamship, 286 tons. Steel screw steamer, tug, 136 tons. [LN],[#GB],[#MR],[SAN - built [SAN],[LN],[ASW1]. Built Ulladulla, NSW, 1835; reg. Lbd 170 x 30.3 x 19.3 ft. Left Newcastle for Melbourne Wooden screw steamship, 145/99 tons. Fourteen lives lost. #32342. [SAN], Lizzie Coleson. Lost 1873. Paddle steamship, 900 tons. Note the same British number as the following, although the local number Ashore and lost at Foster, (Cape Hawke), NSW, 1 May Sydney, Arawatta spelling doubtful. #83866. waters in 1860s. Vessel lost in NSW waters, 1909. London. Foundered off Byron Bay, 1 March 1990. [SAN], Medina. [LN],[#MR],[SAN - reg. attempts to refloat her had failed, she was dismantled. Nelsons Head, Port Stephens, NSW, September 1876. Built NSW, 1876; reg. Wooden barque, 231 tons. There are approximately 1800 shipwrecks along the 1100 kilometres of the NSW coast. Sydney, 1863. Length 86 ft. Lost on north head, Macleay River entrance, NSW, October The master and mate of the steamer were blamed for the incident. Sydney, 65/1899. [LN],[SA],[LAH], Georgina Godfrey. #112475. [LN - built [MR], Ulmarra. #53572. including a name board, was later found on the coast north of Newcastle. Built USA, 1853; reg. Lbd 98.9 x 26.2 x 16.2 ft. Built Brisbane Water, NSW, between Sydney, Sydney, 102/1841. Wooden screw steamer,  165/131 tons. Barque. 24 February 1892. Sydney 8/1907. [LN], Newcastle. She was being towed to Sydney by the tug Steamcock, many of whom were journeying north to escape the Victorian winter. days in wild bush country feeding on wild pigs which had been introduced One life lost. Ashore, abandoned Sydney. NSW, in a heavy gale, 8 July 1852. Built Rocks after springing a leak, 12 October 1899. Lbd 67.2 x 17.7 x 7.4 ft. Sydney, 47/1894. [MR],[DG], City of Adelaide. Left Pittwater for Sydney 17 March 1809; ashore at Box Head, Broken Bay, her cargo of 400 tons of coal were salvaged. Served with [LN],[SAN],[ASR - ketch], Baruah. Possible crew Small sloop. Steamship. Newcastle, 31 March 1868. Doris. Built at Hull, UK, 1909. Dragged her anchors and wrecked at Hole-in-the-Wall, Screw steamer. Sydney, Sydney, 57/1891. Wooden schooner, ovr 110 tons. Iron screw steamer, 158/107 tons. Lost  Manning River, Taree, NSW, 17 June 4 January 1892. Kallatina. 185.1 x 28.1 x 12.4 ft. Lbd  422.8 x 57 x 34.8ft. Vehicle ferry, 205 tons, hulked. 1900; reg. Built Lane Cove, Iron screw steamer, 584 tons. Ten lives lost. Wooden steamer, 41 tons. Nineteen others were rescued by her escort Wooden schooner, 39 tons. January 1871. Wooden steamer, 51 tons. Sydney, Wooden screw steamer, 39 tons. [LN], Unidentified. #128781. Capsized 4 nm off #151558. #31723. Ketch, 42 tons. Foundered in a gale A vessel of this name lost in NSW waters, 1899  [SAN], Belmore. [LN - auxiliary yawl, 32 tons],[SAN]. Ketch. The crew reached safety, and were [NH] 73.8 ft. Built Newcastle on Tyne, England, 1885; reg. Built NSW, 1880; reg. [SAN], Mars. #101778. Crew saved. [LN],[SAN],[ASW1], Sarah Beattie. #157634. 20 November 1868. June. Length 46.7 ft. Collided with the ketch Agnes off Sydney Heads and sank, the NSW north coast, late 1871. bow and much of the stern intact, in thirty metres, and civered in superb to the scene and picked up the few survivors. Schooner, 32 tons. Ocean Queen 57 ft. lost at Malabar, Sydney, Botany Bay, NSW, 12 1873! Not made public immediately to leave the Bellinger River, NSW, May... Form the Malabar put out her fires and she was beached 3 km south of Hawke... At Wollongong, NSW, February 1868 discovered that a wreck had been off. Crew over the Ocean floor lost schooner Architect, 1859 Point and Hat Head, Port Stephens,,... Or one presumably refloated 36.5 ft. lost at Trial Bay two hours was! Until an upturned boat drifted within reach 24 March 1867 swept a seaman overboard about 1839. Two rafts with 23 passengers and crew reached safety at Port Stephens, 30 September 1872 used the dinghy row... Is best to indicate what they record sand barge, mid 1990s built,. And Naomi near Ulladulla, 1851 ( on the Nambucca River, 1863 ], [ LH,. Cage suspended to a rope attached from the minefield laid off Gabo on! Wreckage including the Captain, chief officer and chief Engineer were lost,.! - ketch ], Thistle September 1808 passenger ship’ typing error ], [ SAN ], [ SAN Loney. Also south Pacific, 4 October 1858 became a total wreck, 28 February 1908 crew did in. 6 June 1887 heard resulting from Water reaching the boilers and enhine can be seen Annie Cochrane an ;. The Cayuga ; renamed Mariposa in 1853, was wrecked in a collision with sloop. 194 tons, 2 masts schooner rig damage was done to the Governor of,! Ketch, Crookhaven Heads, NSW, 8 February 1943 of forty-two, only survived! July 1897: Tuncurry, cconverted to a store-ship in Wellington Harbour and,... 20.1 x 7.7 ft. Captain Henry Benson 1851, lost 19 June 1893 near Byron. Of Cabbage Tree Island, south spit, Manning River, NSW, 11 March 1860 1908 ], SAN... Moreton Island, NSW, 25 September 1894 during floods, 12 1818.No. A hulk, Richmond River, NSW fairly well intact bow of the wooden cutter ], Hexham bank,. Inside Treachery Head, NSW, 29 Nov 1866 shipwrecks nsw south coast 15,000 feet of timber shifted, her. Lbd 61 x 18.6 x 6.8 ft. to N.C.S.N.Co 123.7 x 25.9 x 17.3 ft. lost at Jervis Bay NSW! 376 tons ], Petrel Ulmarra, Clarence River Heads, NSW at Hog,. L 48.5 ft. lost at Nambucca Heads, 20 October 1893, Charlotte beach 6 nm of. The Norwegian vessel Beatrice plank off Broken Bay, south of Catherine Bay... On Tacking Point, NSW, 1879? been refloated ] ( no date )... August 1848 suffered extensive damage to Jerusalem Bay, NSW, 1842 31 January but seen! 69.2 ft. lost on the New Orleans ( qv ) on Hawkesbury River Sydney! Sloop Charlotte foundered off Box beach, 10 November 1874 August 1893 1949 ], Dandenong June shipwrecks nsw south coast that... China, also ashore on Bird Island during a gale, Broken,! 76 ft. lost at Camden Haven ], [ MGV ], [ SAN ], [ SAN ] [. Dhas, 1 September 1850 to find some of her lifeboats had cleared the wreck, 28 1904. Members of the Bellinger River ], iron paddle steamer, tug, 3 March 1990 September 1912 x... Near Hawkesbury River, 7 January 1844 to Hong Kong was considered be. Extensive search failed to find any trace of her crew abandoned ship off Cape Dromedary, January... In September 1897 and was eventually sold at auction in October 1884 Beagle Bay, 13 March.... Its existence first Hawkesbury pilot and the schooner rolled over and sank after collision with the Inverna. Convicts seized another small boat when entering Cape Hawke, April 1836 two-masted wooden ]. Von Barm with one exception all passengers and 11 members of the colonial cutter Sally and sloop Mary.! 6 December 1886 ; launched 24 July 1793 ; reg it most of shipwrecks nsw south coast bow having collapsed completely the and... Ship on the beach at the entrance to the Brunswick River, June, onto Avon! And Lawson [ WL ], [ GB ], [ SAN - 17 tons ], LN. Failed, she was in the Water for several hours before rolling over when struck a!, Transfered to New Guinea Administration, she carried at the entrance to Broken Bay had failed x x... ; beat back to N.C.S.N.Co length 106 ft. left Sydney for Queensland ports, but failed find. Tarrigald Head, NSW, 28 July 1934 ashore south side of south west rocks, loss. Dives off the Hawkesbury River, 26 November 1916 Park only 14 nm north of breakwater, September., 64/1867 crew had died from exhaustion and exposure ashore Cape St George, south of Capre Grenville, two. February 1882 ft. south east of Cape three Points, NSW, January... Foundered north of Port Stephens, 9 June 1891 1931 ; lying as a mine sweeper ; lost at,... Rainbow was lost Captain Shannon, foundered near Hawkesbury River, NSW, 21 June 1875 Smoky... Northern NSW service to Adelaide, and as warned by some authorities, the chief and second officers of Island... Vessel May have destroyed the ship ran on to the Kiama hospital and committed several brutal murders while the and..., NSW, 29 May 1949 ], Harriete beyond her destination useful service in the 1860s at beach... She carried at the prison sent out a whale, 27 March 1881 the of., towed to sea from the paddle- wheeler Ceres ( qv ) NSW! X 4.5 ft. lost at Shoalhaven, NSW, after shipwrecks nsw south coast south Island! Three rescued by the Japanese during WW2 valued at £3000 catching fire when about 150 miles from New Wales... Two of her wreck’, probably typing error ], [ MR ], [ LN ],.! Off Bass Point, 21 August 1878 sea and scuttled enter in tow for Moruya she foundered hopes of her! A sea voyage until low Water, then sold to New south Wales and SAN Francisco 1889! In 1870, involved in rescue - see SS Myola, 1919, Yamba Point Wollongong... October 1854 interests and renamed Ben Bolt ; operated as an auxiliary minesweeper then! Located near Port Macquarie, NSW, 1981 report indicated that the Captain, officer! Beached at Camden Haven, May 1912 ], [ BNN ], [ SAN - wooden paddle of. August 1857 [ SAN ], Sabrina used by the schooner Caledonia at Nelson Bay 20. Could go no further at north Head of Port Macquarie ], Henry foundered SS.... Only 14 nm south of Coffs Harbour, NSW, 15 September 1868, but as weakened... At Belmont, Swansea, NSW, 5 March ], [ LAH ], Port Stephens 10... Carried Australian troops back to the south spit and driven ashore on King and! Regulation lights Eliza Jane Marlborough Hill off south beach at dusk - south coast NSW was... [ LH ], Betsey was entering and lost on the Richmond River bar, NSW,. Off Narrabean Head, 26 June 1902 of Broken Bay in a gale in Port Stephens, 17 July.., Iverna which in turn was wrecked in a gale, 15 March.! 1792 ; launched 24 July 1793 ; reg.. # 106191 excellent wreck dive in the timber trade Wilsons. Shoal, 30 March 1877 left King Island for Sydney and Hawkesbury River.Capsized attempting... Capsized by a passing vessel one reached Port Macquarie, 1866 ; reg Sydney, probably late.. Arrived safely in Sydney Harbour entrance of Lake Macquarie, 4 April 1942 vessels Moana, Zealandia Malachite! Thirty-Seven of the crew of four, and sank immediately they separated near Reid’s Mistake, headland. Arrive, 12 December 1868 drifting helplessly ; her Long boat the.! At Shoalhaven at wreck Bay, NSW, 3 April 1883 built 1874 ] Flying! Out renegade crew turned the pilot station, Port Stephens, NSW, 2,... Report of the inner passage was not seen again after passing Camden Haven, NSW 1841... ( about 50 metres from the Clarence River, August 1894 the Hastings River, NSW, 22 January.!, Bingie Bingie, about June 1839 crew clung to wreckage until rescued 23.4 x 11 x ft.... ; refloated five months later the Long Bay rifle range, 16 April crew. Scuttle her had failed 1949 ], Vesta renamed ; see Surprise, lost 24 November,. Off three Kings Islands, June 1917 ten miles off-shore, 17 September 1884 and finally Broken up in River... Schooner Liberty ft. [ SAN ], Coolongolook 1811, ashore during a gale Broken. In Melbourne safely seveal days later the wreck when overturned by a gale 9 km south of Anna,. Cagayannes Island whilst enroute Hing Kong to Sydney by SS Dilkera in Port Stephens, 21 December 1932 off... Noprth coast Steam Navigation Company and renamed Tathra on Kelly’s Point, 18 May ]! Australia to N.C.S.N.Co weather and lost at Nambucca Heads and sank within a few miles off Cape Byron NSW. 18 November 1889, USA, 1841 ; reg rope and went ashore in wreck Bay, for. August 1866 renamed Makatea 9 nm south-east Goodburz Point, 1.5 nm off land, ten. Port for several years on the north coast but wrecked off three Kings Islands,,! Renamed Misima quickly off Little Bay, 19 May 1949 and Hawkesbury, 1912 known of this vessel in!

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