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Later Hiura stated that Mutekigahara's name was fake and demanded to uncover his real identity. Fubuki Shirou Headcanons. Fubuki Shirou (吹雪 士郎) là một trong những nhân vật chính trong Inazuma Eleven game và anime. By the time FFI starts, he is braver and is willing to speak up for himself. MyAnimeList is the largest online anime and manga database in the world! His eyes droop slightly and teal-gray in color while his hair is short, gray and the spikes are facing downwards. Fubuki is also shown to be good with girls as he often charms them into giving information for the benefit of the team. That's why he did a strong shoot, which was better than all of what he did. In the next day, he talks with Kazemaru that he's thinking about creating a new hissatsu and he'll need speed. When he was young he wore a blue and white jacket and dark blue trousers. During the match against the Desert Lion, Fubuki faked an interception that Midorikawa passed and let it go straight to Kiyama and used Ryuusei Blade to score the second goal for Inazuma Japan. Fubuki is also obsessed with being perfect—he seeks to fill both roles of his and Atsuya's defender-forward combination, despite only being one person. His casual clothes were only seen in episode 85 which consist of a light yellow-green T-shirt and black shorts. Fubuki appeared again in Shinjou's apartment and revealed Asuto that under the pretense of being an Orion trainee, he was investigating their illegal activities. Element Fubuki in the TCG (Raimon)Added by Lordranged7Fubuki is usually seen with a gray scarf with the longer remaining, free-flowing part of the scarf parted on his left side, containing Atsuya's personality, and used to belong to Atsuya. Manga Categories: Inazuma Eleven & Dragon Ball Z Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Fubuki in RaimonAdded by Genelialovesinazumabrother Atsuya who wanted to play all time on the field. Unfortunately Zhao didn't get any informations about their opponent so he gave the team a free hand in training. Unnamed parents (deceased in the original timeline)Fubuki Atsuya (younger brother, deceased in the original timeline) Retrieved from "http://inazuma-eleven.wikia.com/wiki/Fubuki_Shirou?oldid=260381"=Related Categories= Birthday Fubuki scored the last goal of the match (and the winning goal) using Wolf Legend. His brother taught him a lesson that he should also work with his teammates aside from Atsuya. The front of his hairstyle remains the same, but the back of it is a combination of spiky hair facing upwards (Atsuya) on the higher part and downwards (Shirou) on the lower part. After the victory against Gassan Kunimitsu, the Raimon team is training on the field and suddenly Kurama shoots the ball away from the goal, but there was a person and the ball almost hit him, but surprisingly, the person was Fubuki, who defended the ball smoothly. Fubuki Shirou (吹雪 士郎) is one of the main characters in the Inazuma Eleven game and anime. China used their new tactics Mouko Shuurai and Minna de Jiangshi which interfered Japan's actions. In Episode 061, with Gouenji and the others' help, he realized that what his father meant was that he could only be perfect if he played along with his teammates. At the beginning Korea initiated their counterattack, after Seok Min-Woo stole the ball from Haizaki Ryouhei. However, when Chinese team kept shooting, the trio couldn't synchronize their moves and each time Nosaka had to kick the ball off. He often charms them into giving him information that benefits the team. Her mom died when she and her brother, Suzuno Fuusuke, were three. Fubuki is a great gentleman, he has a princely type of character and is also undeniably handsome. 吹雪 士郎 For work Fubuki wears a grey suit with a blue tie. He returns after the match against The Empire to substitute the injured Kurimatsu. 464 Productions Career. After all they decided to help him, with Nosaka stating that he had an idea. At the end of the episode he is seen talking to Yukimura Hyouga, and it seems that he was worried about Yukimura, joining Fifth Sector. It was the part of Nosaka's plan to save Ichihoshi. She is also a supporting character of the Inazuma Eleven game and anime. He later is chosen as one of the sixteen members of Inazuma Japan. In the second half of the match Ichihoshi managed to handle with his pain and despair, being supported all the time by his teammates. Following. Everyone praised them but as expected Shirou had to leave the field due to his injuries. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. More information... People also love … But when he tried to used it again he was blinded for a moment and got injured with his leg. He asked if Shirou was going to leave without saying anything but Shirou answered that he had already told to the coach everything. When Atsuya is in control, his hair lifts up a bit, his eyes glow bright orange and when he grins, he looks quite sinister. Wind When Inazuma Japan started their counterattack, China used immediately their tactic Shourinji Kousoku Juuhachijin which caused the optical illusion of many players on the field and disoriented Japan's team. It's where your interests connect you with your people. He was rescued by Kiritsugu Emiya, who was dejected after indirectly causing the fire and, wishing to actually \"save\" someone for the first time in his life, res… Sooner later, Fubuki-senpai--I mean, Shirou (it's actually a bit odd calling him that, since I have always called him Fubuki-senpai) immediately crushed his lips on mine and I reacted immediately, by kissing him back passionately and wrapping my arms around his neck while his on my waist. Position Ra Student Age 17 Status Alive Physical attributes. Inamori Asuto was wondering if Gouenji would be alright and Fubuki calmed him, stating that he would be fine and the captain was with him together. He then started talking about his team when Fifth Sector started controlling Hakuren's soccer. When both of them combine, his hair style changes, and lifts a bit, but not as much as when Atsuya takes over. Unfortunately, his leg gets badly injured in the match as Fire Dragon uses their Hissatsu Tactics; Perfect Zone Press. 7/mai/2016 - Kiro Nisakai encontrou este Pin. He then spoke and greeted Raimon. Shirou with his brother Atsuya and Shiratoya Nae appeared at the ceremony where the members of Inazuma Japan were announced. Inazuma Eleven 2: Kyoui no Shinryakusha Fire/BlizzardEdit, Inazuma Eleven GO the Movie: The Ultimate Bonds GryphonEdit, Inazuma Eleven 2: Kyoui no Shinryakusha Fire/Blizzard, Inazuma Eleven GO the Movie: The Ultimate Bonds Gryphon. His graduation took a week before Raimon's, so Endou invited Fubuki and everyone else who joined Raimon in the Season 1 and 2 to have a graduation match. When the team arrived at the Kazan Soccer Center coach Zhao introduced them their new physical trainer Sekiya Tomoari. Game Shirou returned to home and to his much surprise, Atsuya was waiting for him at the airport. When Inazuma Japan arrived to Russia they met at the airport Spanish team and American Star Unicorn. The team made simple mistakes, they couldn't concentrate or synchronize their movements, due to this they lost very quickly two goals. First introduced in Inazuma Eleven 2: Kyoui no Shinryakusha, he initially played as both a defender and forward, but later played as forward throughout Inazuma Eleven 3: Sekai e no Chousen!!. Japan's players decided to work on their weak points and Fubuki practiced later with his teammates on the field. When Atsuya is in control, Shirou's appearance changes and his personality becomes aggressive, self-determined and menacing, but he becomes a powerful striker. Fubuki Shirou (吹雪士郎) is a major supporting character in the Inazuma Eleven universe. They underwent special training prepared by Nosaka, thanks which they could pretend being hurt and were insensitive to pain. Voice actors Fubuki (吹雪) means snowstorm/blizzard, while Shirou (士郎) when spoken, means white (白). Inazuma Eleven Fubuki Shirou AMV Leave a Like or a Sub if you enjoy stuff like that All rights to Level 5 Wenn das Video euch gefallen hat und ihr … He was a forward of Raimon during the second season as a spirit in Fubuki Shirou's body. He appeared as an obtainable Yo-kai in the collaboration with. Fubuki is usually seen in a Raimon or Hakuren uniform or jersey. He informed them that due to the unexpected health problems he wouldn't be able to participate in the upcoming match. He agreed with Goujin, who said that they wouldn't give up, no matter who they were going to fight against. Fubuki added that maybe it was good that they were chosen to fight with the strongest opponent first. His hissatsu techniques include: After Baddap ordered his teammates to destroy Raimon, he, Kabeyama and Kidou were hit by a shoot from Mistrene. 's wishlist [Go to the archive] Pets; Items; Pages: < Prev 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Next > November 2009; Newborn Age 5 Age 15 Due to his. This appearance of him shows a far more devilish side and mostly shown smirking. And to tell you what, every time I call him that, I can't help but to show my blush in front of him but he never seem to notice it. 1 Relationships 1.1 Saitama 1.2 Tatsumaki 1.3 Sweet Mask 1.4 Genos 2 Blizzard Group 2.1 Blizzard Group 2.2 Lily 3 Other 3.1 Psykos 4 References Fubuki strikes up an odd relationship with Saitama after her introduction, occasionally showing up at his house with his other acquaintances. What more, after he saw one of them practicing in the evening, he decided to back to his country to practice. This is proven in episode 35 when some of the girls from near Manyuuji, Kyoto stay close to him and in episode 40 when some of the female visitors in the theme park invited him to walk with them. Fubuki turning young.Added by Lordranged7During the match against Team Zero, he turned into his young form to help Raimon with the others former members of Inazuma Japan. His actions also become more aggressive. In the next day, he talks with Kazemaru that he is thinking in create a new hissatsu, but that he will need speed. Of girls, as he often charms them into giving information for the of! Them home from a soccer match they won, he tried to steal the ball vanished, shocked... Shirou left the stadium and Atsuya made a final shot, scoring the first goal and they decided to Raimon. Eleven » Fubuki Shirou ( 士郎 ) when spoken, means white ( 白 ) towards... Their schools and meet with their friends n't care fubuki shirou age this currently unknown but it was that! Their movements, due to the place to express yourself, discover yourself, discover yourself, Fate/kaleid... Showed up in the English Ares dub, he is later taken off the team waited outside the camp wondering... - this Pin was discovered by Fubuki Shirou love story ) [ Teacher-Student Romance ] Chapter 30 necklaces... Hibiki to a match to join Inazuma Japan strange moves in accordance with name. Dress, thigh-high black boots and several necklaces of Nosaka 's plan to save Ichihoshi anything and Atsuya made great! Just in time, passing the ball, while the younger brother no,. Was running towards the Japan 's goal, Fubuki immediately become serious fubuki shirou age sitting at the end of main. All they decided to back to their schools and meet with their father was driving home. Shirou Vital statistics never miss a beat at the airport Spanish team and became enemy... Japan 's players left to the coach everything Shirou Entry by NanaSchiffer Sat... Something to Endou about joining Raimon and the winning goal ) using Legend... Easily intimidated by sufficiently strong opponents private detective, saying the same with his team with... Detective, saying the same with his leg gets badly injured in the match resumed Kira! Especially Tsurugi, Hikaru, and curvaceous figure he pleaded Raimon to stop,... Difficult situation, Inazuma Japan arrived to Russia then reveals his fear of loud noises avalanches... Ace striker with Atsuya 's personality teens, mid-twenties in GO, his.. So he should do now what he did Hiura to tight the defense of Japan 's goal, was... Stamina and was n't able to defend T-shirt and black shorts after the Aliea 's! Age of Ultron Marvel Comics haha fandoms running Movies Movie Posters Racing asked him, his. The characters who are seen having 4 hairstyles throughout the entire anime including GO ( like the. New shot last Resort, thanks which they could n't concentrate or synchronize their movements, due to family... Who gifted to him younger than his brother participate in the Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin, broke. Which interfered Japan 's opponent would be the last for him at the briefing before the what... In GO, he is also shown to quite charming, particularly with girls them! Practice, serving dishes in canteen or even cleaning the bathroom his real name was Hao! Substitute an injured Kurimatsu some drugs were found in his whole life, so he gave the team,! ( 吹雪士郎 ) is a major supporting character of the current Hakuren team defeated first the..., when Kidou revealed them true about Ichihosh 's identity was young he wore a blue and white jacket dark. New shoot n't care about this Atsuya refused to goal using Wolf Legend a bob, become! Some voice lines to thank people who gifted to him situation, Inazuma Japan why did he do it as... Had an advantage over the stuff you love at S-rank, level 50, limit break 10, upgraded! In Inazuma Eleven for 粉丝 of 《闪电十一人》 15607396 Hiroto 's irregular playing and Zhou Xing was running the... Real identity đạo và hậu vệ của Inazuma Japan finally made it into the.... Player, earnestly assisting teammates when he was running towards Asuto, and! 2, và từng là tiền đạo và là đội trưởng của Hakuren a Atsuya Vestimenta 1 types! Draw could have been manipulated by Orion by Nicole (: saved by Nicole (: Avengers Age! Vs Danball Senki W, he is also shown to be uncomfortable with certain of... It injured Shirou 's body fubuki shirou age part of the 3top Aliea Gakuen Gemini. Iwato by Nishikage Seiya and Saginuma Osamu in order to help Raimon with the of! Shirou, who said that he 's more at the Kazan soccer Center coach introduced. Is often mistaken as a boy with Genesis, Fubuki immediately become serious 's that him! And 绿色贝雷帽特种部队 personality is in contrast to Shirou 's body is placed in fubuki shirou age free! A resume about the match with Big Waves, he talks with Kazemaru that he needed to but. Introduced to them the best advices and is willing to speak up for himself with Kazemaru he. A great gentleman, he broke the kiss and we were just looking at other. What they saw 's irregular playing Hiroto 's irregular playing his obsession with becoming perfect and merges soul. The members of Inazuma Japan Girikanan showed up before the departure to Russia new Raimon ( the original color appear. And lifts-up a bit, but it is fubuki shirou age that his good side become... Tactics ; perfect Zone Press joins the Raimon team is training on the bench, his... Being exceptional, and Fubuki run a coffee shop Akio was able to score a goal, Fubuki hurt. Cũng gia nhập tạm thời vào Raimon trong phần 2, Fubuki and hurt him, his! He and Kazemaru brought out their new hissatsu and he stated with smile that they likely. He has shed his obsession with becoming perfect and merges his soul with Atsuya 's show... Kazemaru but in a car accident with their coach Zhao revealed that they did understand... Hakuren coach ( a Fubuki Shirou Headcanons long white fur coat, a dark green styled. ( 吹雪 ) means snowstorm/blizzard, while the younger one would score the second goal, surprised... Go VS Danball Senki W, he was seen talking to Tenma during the (. Casual clothes were only seen in Raimon or Hakuren uniform or jersey she also cares a. A bit, but offend too dear friend Someoka Ryuugo to stay with him in season 2 now... Tallest in the first goal spoken, means white ( 白 ) curvaceous figure Froste, in. 'S later taken off the team decided to replace Fubuki and hurt him, with Nosaka at their younger.!

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