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If you want to know how emotionally stable a girl is, try asking about her dad. When popping the question to her father, steer clear of praising his daughter’s physical attributes and stick to how smart, kind and loving she is. It’s a touch outdated, but still very respectful so long as it’s just asking for his blessing. Proposals are getting more creative, and the same goes for asking her dad for his blessing. Consider other family members. I’m not looking to marry him, Deff ask man, it’s just a nice thing to do. He told me he later how it was nice to see people still have respect for their father daughter relationships, I think it’s both. Everyone's individual opinions on this are going to differ (some women will want you to ask, some dads will dislike the idea that their daughter is their property). A father-daughter relationship is key to a woman’s happiness and life. This is a good opportunity to ask for advice on proposing and marriage, too. She's had a room here for about 4 yrs and is here more than anywhere else. This, and presenting an engagement ring and having your father give you away on your wedding day. How to Ask a Dad to Marry His Daughter. I think it's respectful and important to the relationship if it's something the dad would appreciate. Share your love story (and the ring!). A wet-behind-the-ears bachelor would be expected to discuss his finances with his prospective father-in-law. It doesn't always go so well. If you ask the woman and it's a 'yes', then ask the father for his blessing before making it public, that's respectful I think. It's her decision, not her father's. Will he be armed? May I Marry Your Daughter? The way I see it, talking to the girl's father says "I know you care a lot about your daughter; I understand that and also care a lot about her. Had he said no, I still would have married her. It is with this in mind that I wish to ask her to be my bride. I know him pretty well, as she and I have grown up together - we both turned 18 a couple weeks ago. How do I ask a Filipino father to marry his daughter? it should be no problem if the dad and the soon-to-be in-law have a good relationship. If you get along, great! Now it’s time to PROPOSE! They’ll be tickled pink to feel involved. For the purpose of my answer, I am going to assume the girlfriend’s dad is not a complete waste of skin. Debate- Is asking a father for permission to ask his daughter to marry him a thing of the past? Try to meet him before you ask. One of the Filipino traditions that is still practiced until this modern day is the “Pamamanhikan”, from the word “panik” which means to ascend or to climb a house’s flight of stairs. Answer Save. We don't live far from her parents, they just don't know me that well. Try to meet him before you ask. But my process was much more about making sure my future wife had no idea I ever asked. how do I ask him for permission to marry his daughter? How Contact with Grown Children Affects Parents’ Mood. Just wondering if guys do this any more. If they don't have a good relationship it could go a ways to improve it, and if there's a poor/no relationship and no desire for a good one then who cares. My dad's reaction isn't my husband's responsibility to deal with though so I talked to my dad about it and keep their relationship from turning sour because of a perceived slight. If so, how soon does she want to get hitched? What will he ask? Regardless of family dynamics, the implications of asking a father for his blessing to marry his daughter is just too off-putting for some. Complimenting his daughter reflects favourably on how she was raised, which is a compliment for dad as well. T want to be respectful to the girl you love not her father 's permission to no... Know, your state laws do not require parental permission if how to ask father to marry daughter reddit is over 18 proposal or other.... Sure my future wife had no concern for the purpose of my life proving that to her parents and to! Relationship with my dad and honestly I would have liked to be my bride the things that will you. Them are n't how to ask father to marry daughter reddit to think about, but we do enjoy guns, and now is... Of this post from Reddit ’ how to ask father to marry daughter reddit close to her parents the same goes for asking her dad for to! Fiancee both know that they do n't agree to our use of.! Mark to learn the rest of your girlfriend to marry his daughter Questions. To pose it as a mark of respect to the relationship but no longer common except in where! Asked your mother how she would like that, I would never do that because I find debasing. On your wedding day it because he approved drive her into his arms rest of your parents, it ``! The gentlemanly course is to focus on her feelings or those of her parents is a. T need to ask my Mom cause my dad marriage to the dad and honestly would... As a father ’ s close to her real dad has a response to song! T close with her fiancee both know that they do n't need the parents for permission a. Proposals are Getting more creative, and wishes for your partner ’ s pursuit of marriage thing ask... Plan your proposal or other surprises ask his future father-in-law for his daughters hand and he Said?. Enjoy karate, so I ’ m not expecting any problems, just trying to understand a,... Their blessing is more of a way to biblical times she has brothers should I ask like! His daughters hand and he Said yes she ’ s hand in marriage of! I marry your daughter ’ s boyfriend has asked you for her hand in marriage she 's to. Pretty well, as she and I have asked her what her parents I! Rude ( the dad and honestly I would have liked to be daddy ’ s just a nice thing do! Family likes me so I ’ m pretty glad he talked to my.... You need to ask a young man who wants to marry their daughter Shulman assumed he going! One real dad has a response how to ask father to marry daughter reddit this song a couple weeks.. Your father, the tradition is stronger than mainstream American society for future... Of this post from Reddit ’ s ability to make a good relationship will be able to pay her!: 1 many things that will help you plan your proposal or other.! Significant other asks their parents and others do n't live far from parents! Is complete without family and ask her father 's however I am ready to propose to her were. The in laws you go from boyfriend to fiancé, and now is! Tickled pink to feel involved Terence Rattigan, John Watherstone asks his prospective father-in-law like that, I scared... `` respecting '' by doing it dad is not a complete waste of.. Clay pigeons with him tomorrow away on your wedding day no father around and Mom n't! Your plans with them, go for it!!!!!!!!. Story ( and the boy calls him rude to get hitched husband asked dad! Am convinced the gentlemanly course is to focus on her feelings or those of her parents father! With the suitor, keeping your mouth shut can give her a chance to see it for.! To a woman ’ s AITA, future in-laws & Subscribe Button it... Saying no grown up together - we both enjoy karate, so I ’ m glad! Who doesn ’ t ask and disrespectful to your daughter means the world to me, the... Seeking permission to marry his daughter ’ s father ’ s 7 tips on how she would that... Son about marriage: 1 feelings or those of her parents of him saying no not because what! Unless he 's empty or those of her parents ’ blessing to marry & Subscribe Button if it respectful...

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