online ged social studies practice test is an informational website about preparation for the GED test. The questions on the GED Social Studies subtest come in a number of forms such as multiple-choice or fill-in-the-blank.

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    Princeton Review GED Test Prep, 2021: Practice Tests + Review & Techniques + Online Features (College Test Preparation) The Princeton Review. GED Social Studies Practice test questions designed to help you study for the GED test 2020. GED® is a registered trademark of the American Council on Education which is not affiliated with this website.
The TOEFL began development in 1962 and was first administered two years later. "@type": "Answer", We publish video lessons that are a great help to get you all geared up to take all sections of the GED Social Studies effectively. More than 20 million people have taken the GED, and the GED transcript is accepted by 97% of colleges and employers. by Mometrix Test Preparation | Last Updated: January 14, 2021 . Taking practice tests … The GED Social Studies test evaluates students’ ability to draw conclusions from charts and graphs, as well as analyze social studies information. Here you will find a completely free, GED test preparation course, as well as practice tests. }, { "text": "

GED Teacher Damon Tinnon walks you through a GED Social Studies Practice Test that includes a reading and 4 GED Social Studies Practice Test questions. There are a total of fifty questions in this section that should be finalized within seventy minutes. The test fee typically ranges from $3.75 to $30. Use your practice test results to identify your areas of strength and weakness. GED Social Studies Test; Español; GED Math Test (Calculator Allowed) Here is our free GED Math practice test. "name": "How long is the GED Social Studies Test? Choose your answer to the question and click 'Continue' to … "@type": "Question", The GED Social Studies test fees vary with each state. GED Practice Test 3 Social Studies. Bring a non-expired photo identification card. The GED, General Education Development or General Education Diploma, serves as a high school equivalency credential. You can take one of the four subtests whenever you are ready to do so.

" The new GED Social Studies test is 70 minutes long with no break. Don't take your GED exam without first using our practice questions. Paperback. Practice Tests 10 Questions With Explanations, Practice Tests 10 Questions With Explanations Part 2, Practice Tests 10 Questions With Explanations Part 3.

" This is a full-length interactive practice exam with answers and detailed explanations. Make sure you take as many practice tests as possible and if some topic seems to be challenging, check our Social Studies online classes.

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  • GED Social Studies Classes make it easy and quick for you to study history and every topic covering the whole GED Social Studies test. The testing software provides you with a test-timer so you can keep track of how much time you have left for the exam. The GED Social Studies Practice Tests published on this website are provided by Covcel GED Prep. Start Now! What is the GED Social Studies Test? The secret to dominating the GED, or any test, is to understand the test format and the test topics.

    Some states require additional documentation. "name": "What kind of questions are on the GED Social Studies Test? The GED credential is nationally recognized as equivalent to a standard high school diploma.

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  • In order to pass the GED Social Studies test or any GED test subject, you must earn a score of at least 145. (Prices are usually less than $30). This page offers you numerous sample practice tests related to the Social Science section of the GED exam. If you arrive 15 minutes after your scheduled exam time, you may not be able to take the test, and may forfeit your test fee. The following Social Studies questions are similar to what you can expect on the real GED® Social Studies test. "text": "

    Covers: Reasoning Through Language Arts: Reading for Meaning; Identifying and Creating Arguments; Foundations of Grammar; Agreement and Sentence Structure; Mathematical Reasoning. } Online GED® Social Studies Classes. Applicants are encouraged to find out about their state’s testing policies and requirements. The new 2014 GED Science test has challenging questions that will require you to read complex scientific texts, evaluate charts and graphs, and use evidence to make inferences. }
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  • ", GED free practice questions for GED Social Studies to practice and understand types of questions that they will face during their official GED exam. We have a GED Social Studies practice test and GED Social Studies flashcards specifically to assist in your efforts. Some of the questions require specific knowledge of the topics, but others can be solved simply by studying the charts or diagrams that are provided with the question. The math test has approximately 45 questions, with all but 6 allowing the use of a calculator. (Prices are usually less than $30). Trademark Disclaimer. }, { for multiple choice, 45 min. Additional state policies may only allow you to take the test a certain amount of times a year. Some states require additional documentation. Made with professional-quality material, the Mometrix GED Flash Cards are travel size, making it easy to study on the go! After you enroll in Excel's adult high school diploma program, simply have your official GED transcript sent to Excel High School for credit transfer.

    " "name": "How much is the GED Social Studies Test? To prepare for this you will want to work through as many practice questions as possible. If you are taking the test in New Jersey, you must earn a score of at least 150. The GED Social Studies exam is one of four national GED subject tests students must take and successfully pass to earn a GED high school equivalency diploma.

    " $18.75 The GED Tutor Book: GED Study Guide 2021 All Subjects Preparation with Practice Test Questions [3rd Edition] Matthew Lanni. They are all multiple-choice questions (MCQs) involving the history of the United States of America, Geography, Economics, Government and Civics, Geography, and World History. Each state has its own retake policies. "acceptedAnswer": { Download the GED Exam Social Studies review test prep worksheet or participate in free quiz with an explanation. "acceptedAnswer": { The most recent version of the GED exam is completely computer-formatted. After the completion of this program, graduates can apply for colleges and entry-level employment positions. The other three GED tests are in Math, Language Arts, and Science. The questions will also measure your problem solving abilities in the context of social studies.